Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wrapping UP

No NEWS is GOOD news!!!! I am starting to recover from my relapse, slowly but surely. I'm finding that the meds I was put on to "help" me has only made things worse. So I've started to decrease my meds and I've been doing better each day, Yahoo! I went to Physical therapy yesterday and got some great exercises to help my muscle strength as I have lost strength and balance in my right side. I know have some vision issues, but nothing that will really hurt my abilities right now. My left eye now wonders and I also see double vision in that eye. Now I just pray I can keep these relapses at bay for awhile.
Danny is doing well :) Knock on wood!! He is doing good with his therapies and he's started to be more social not only with the therapist but his nurses. I'm enjoying watching him trust and interact with them. We are excited (ok I am) about getting a new nurse and she is starting in the middle of next month. I think she going to be a wonderful fit to our extended family :)
Avrianna has her last week of swim and then we are going to take a break till next fall. She is doing phenomenal in school! I can't express how proud of her. I took Avrianna to Disney on Ice last week and we had wonderful time together just her and I getting some girl time :)
We are starting to talk about our vacation next hopes that I can keep ALL of us healthy enough to go down to our condo in Florida for Spring break. Cross your fingers!

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