Saturday, April 4, 2015

 Gunner got himself all spiffed up for Spring!  He's a whole new pup now :)

 Last week we went out to eat with some wonderful friends to Nakashima's.  It was so much fun watching Ms Paige's reactions to the chef cooking right in front of us :)

 Have I told you how much I LOVE waking up to this smiling face.  I know I'm alil bias but isn't he the cutest thing EVER!!

 On Palm Sunday Av was the Acolyte for the 1030 service :)  It was a wonderful service and we even won a basket at the Auction for the Youth Mission Trip.
 Of course I had to pull a couple April Fools Day pranks on favorite was when I made her a pan of Brownies.....she wasn't at all impressed. Teehee
 Av has been having issues with her pain knees so I brought her into see a sports medicine physician and she also had xrays n ultrasound done.  Come to find out her knee caps have too much movement which has inflamed the tendons.  Av is now having to wear a brace, tape, is on anti inflammatory meds and cream along with starting Physical therapy to help strengthen and stretch her muscles and tendons.  They've diagnosed her with Pallar Tendinitis and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, both are fixable but she may continue to have issues until she is done growing.  I'm glad I took her and had things looked at sooner then later.

 Last nite was Awards nite at Brigade.  I just love that she is into brigade and has a great time there.  Until next year!  Av will be attending summer Brigade camp once again this summer.  Out of all the camps shes done Brigade was the one she picked over all the rest to go back too, that is other then dive camp ~ lol.

 Someone thought she could walk out on thin ice ..... um NOPE that was chilly I bet!! LOL

 There is always and I MEAN ALWAYS something going on around here.  Just when we think all is good ~ WHAM!  We had a customer at our Oshkosh store think that the building should be a "Drive Though".  Yeap his intoxication dumb ass drove not is own but someone elses vehicle into the side of our building while driving without a license.  Can you say WINNER!!  Oh and the woman who owns the car thought if she didn't turn this into her insurance it was just going to go away.  I don't think so!!  So we will be doing some remodeling to Oshkosh to repair the pushed in wall.  It's getting to the point where not much surprises me anymore.

Av is spending this Easter weekend at the Mall of America with a fellow diver and friend.  Her friends mom and myself were able to surprise the girls with a snorkeling excursion at the aquarium there in the big tank with fish, shark, stingray and such.  So jealous!!  I'm so glad she is having a great time and I'll be sure to share photos once I get to see them :)

Last weekend we were back at chicago for dive meet and this time we took my mom aka Nanny.  It was definitely an experience!  We had a wonderful time and Av brought home 2 more 1st place medals.  I'm SO Proud of her!!  Next week once again we'll be down in Chicago for another meet.  Our last meet before Regionals the end of the month.  Stay tuned !  For now here is another slide show of our last meet in the Windy City

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