Saturday, April 18, 2015

Let the construction resume.  The weather is nice and the snow & frost are gone.  So it's back to business, as usual.  Of course Dan had to get a new yellow "toy" to play in the dirt and rocks.  This is our building site for our new building with up to 3 spaces available to lease.  Things are starting to take shape and the contractors are eager to start constructing the building.  We already have one spot rented to a florist.....YAY as it will be convenient for me to have fresh flowers more :)

 There has been a HIGH fire warning out the last few days and it's keeping the fire department busy.  This fire, the rat river marsh fire,  was started due to sparks from a nearby train track.  Very disheartening that it happened as it burned approx 1,000 acres, but thankful no buildings were destroyed and no one was injured.

Dan is currently in Atlanta this weekend broadening his knowledge at a Clean Show Convention.  Good god I can only imagine all the top notch laundry equipment that is there and all the ideas he's going to come home with.  LOL

Lil Man had another EEG to figure out what going on with these "episodes" he's been having.  It's one thing to have the episodes but they last pretty long and between the effect of the episode and the effects of the amount of rescue meds he needs it's throwing his system into a tail spin with not being awake, low temps, lack of peeing.  I was happy that he actually performed this time while the equipment was on.  2 very long episodes!!  Which was nice that Danny only had to wear it for 4 days and not 7+ days we had thought.  I mailed back all the equipment and now we wait to see what the Neurologist can see.
Starting to get hooked up
 all the equipment
 He's no longer wireless anymore
 Too much excitement for him.....nap time.  It didn't help he had a long episode just 2 hours before they came to the house to put it on.  I was so glad he still had more activity when they had it on him as I alil worried we missed our opportunity to capture anything
 Brain's so interesting.  If I was to go back to school, I think it would be to learn how to read these things.

 Photos of his "episode"
Here's a video of him :( 

Well it's been 2 months since I started this nutritional cleanse.  One word.....AMAZING!!  Amazing result, amazing energy I have now, and it's amazing how great I feel.  Whala the new and improved ME :)

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous out...the temps hit 73 degrees and I worked outside and enjoyed every minute of it.  I planted 15 trees, got about half of the lawn furniture and yard decorations out, and gave all three pups a shower.  It was wonderful!!  Today it's not as nice out and tomorrow the weather is suppose to be even cooler with rain.  We NEED the rain, but I still would like some warm sunshine alil bit more. I was so enthusiastic to be outside I hit my step goal before 1pm, funny when my fitbit calls me an over achiever.  For dinner I went out with Ms Gail, our former primary nurse.  It was nice to sit around and catch up :)

Last weekend Av, myself, my nephew Tyler, and Tami hit the roads to Chicago again.  Av had another dive meet, her last before regionals in Brown Deer on April 25-26.  It was a very small meet, but great experiences non the less.  Av took 1st place once again in BOTH the 1M and 3M events ~ Nice JOB!!  She's been practicing this week to increase her dive list to some more difficult dives to stay up in the competition.  Next year she moves up a diving age level and she will definitely have her work cut out for her.  Here are some videos from our last Chicago excursion.  

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Dive Meet

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Our Chicago excursions
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Thanks for checking up on us!  I hope this finds you and your well.  Enjoy the Spring and stay healthy my friends!!

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