Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring forward

Yesterday I got energized and started to Spring clean.  The temps were in the high 50's,  the snow is melted, and it was SO NICE to have a few windows open to get some fresh air in the house again.  I was able to get Danny's Lido deck all cleaned up and it's now open for the season, whoop whoop!!
 The sub zero temps that we have been accustom too are behind us...I HOPE and it's rejuvenating to see daylight longer and longer.  Spring might just be here and I'm SO READY!!  The one downfall of spring is the wheel barrel loads of poopsicles that have to be picked up in the yard.  They are so lucky I love them!!

Danny is all about getting outside and going for walks.  He's so loved by the neighborhood, when they see him out they all say HI or run over to see how he is doing.  I just LOVE our neighborhood !!

With the warm weather out I'm just itching to get my Cobra Convertible out!!  Going to give it a few more days and then bring her out of storage :)  Feeling like a million bucks also is exciting to be able to drive it as it's a manual.  Many times when me legs are too weak I can't drive it, so I'm feeling great and ready to get behind the wheel.

Talk about an overhaul.  I can't even begin to tell you how amazing I feel and look.  Getting my body back to an alkaline state with all the yummy products on this Nutritional cleanse is phenomenal.  I still have a week to go to complete my first 30 day program. I'm so impressed already I am going to do another one right away as I have not met my goals and I'm now a consultant.  I just LOVE sharing how amazing it is and I can't wait to get YOU started to becoming a healthier YOU too. The energy I have now and how great I feel are uplifting not to mention the bonus of loosing weight and inches.  Stay tuned to the final results soon!!  What a nice surprise to put on a pair of jeans this morning that are too baggy for me now only to find out they were actually a size smaller then I normally wear.  AWESOME!!!!  I have to say I can't wait to go clothes shopping for this summer.....I never thought I would be saying that ~ EVER!!

    I went to the dentist last week and got started on getting my teeth whitened.  In only 4 applications my teeth have already changed significantly :)  It is fantastic!!  The only draw back is I have decided to do it every other nite or every 3 nite instead of every nite as my teeth are really sensitive now.
   Today I took on a new spring look with coloring and highlighting my hair.  I learned 2 important things ~ 1. highlighting long hair through a cap really hurts and 2. don't multitask when color is in hair as you loose track of time and the 45 min wait period ends up being 1.5 hrs.  OOooops!  I don't think I fried my hair but it's definitely lighter then I was going for.

Danny is doing fabulous.  The addition of Clonezepam has worked and we really haven't seem many "episodes" lately.  I still haven't gotten a call back from the EEG company as to when they are coming out to put it back on his head, but I can't say I'm in a rush now seeing we have things under control more.  The new nurse this week turned out to be wonderful.  I think she is going to be a great addition to Danny's team.  It's so nice to have a full schedule back, at least for the moment as one of the nurses will be leaving soon on maternity leave.  Not too much to report on the Danny front, which is awesome!!  His runner Annie is running her first race of the year for Danny on Saturday....we'll be cheering her on every step of the way :)  GO Annie GO ~ Thanks for running 4 Danny

Last weekend we were in Chicago for a dive meet.  Ms Av ROCKED that meet.  She placed 1st in 1M, 3M, and in synchro diving with her teammate.  SO PROUD of Av ~This kid is going to go places I tell ya!!  The end of the 3rd quarter for school is next week and as of right now she continues to excel in school....4.0 grade point average!  She's AMAZING!!
Av's Teammates and her fabulous Coach!  He sees her potential and pushes her to be an amazing diver!!
Of course a trip to Chicago wouldn't be complete without stopping at the Oasis and sitting over the traffic while eating some food :)
We are back in the Windy City next weekend, but this one will be more downtown.  Heading out with Av, her teammate Izzy, her assistant coach n friend Tami, and my mom aka Nanny will be joining us.  How cool is that!!  Fun times poolside and then it's off to walk the streets of The Loop :)  Stay tuned for more Av achievements. 

Here is a slideshow of her time in Chicago for the Chicago dive Invite 3-7&8.
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Thanks for checking in on us!  I hope you are able to enjoy some of the spring weather!!

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