Saturday, February 8, 2014

Groundhog's Day

In the last 43 days, 30 of them have been below zero and we've had 15" of snow sitting on the ground!!  Same $&@! different day and it's only February :(  Brrrr!!!  You would think I'd be used to it by now, but I can't say that I am.  This is brutal, when Alaska is warmer then we are......Houston we have a problem!  You don't have to wonder where we have been.....INDOORS by the fireplace :)  With the pesky lil rodent seeing his shadow we're suppose to have 6 more weeks of this crap.  I'm glad he's as dependable as a meteorologist and is mostly wrong, heeheee


I'm even going a step further.......Let's bring on SUMMER!  I have the summer activities pretty much planned out.  Avrianna is going to keep us VERY busy this summer.  I had to coordinate 4 weeks of camps (1 wk Onaway, 2 wks in Indiana for dive, and 1 wk up in the U P Michigan), 2 weekends of dive regionals, and then possibly dive Nationals in Tennessee for a week.  We will be all over the place this summer.  God help us!  I know it's so crazy to have the summer planned already, but to finagle all those dates it took some serious planning.  Now the big trick is to see how it all pans out, as you all know how well our plans go.........I should learn to just wing it, as that's what usually happens in the end anyway.  Praying for health and safety this summer ~

We finally have our garage up for the RV in the back yard.....well it's not completed yet, but its a wood structure that gets the RV out of the elements.  Once the weather warms up then the shingles, siding and finishing touches will go on.  Boy was the a process, but it wouldn't be an Osero project without issues.
Last nite Dan and I met a wonderful couple that came to the house to see all the accessibility options we have for Danny.  I am so happy to be able to show off what is available out there.  I wished we had a place like our home to show what the possibilities are.  I hope we were able to help them with ideas in the process of planning a handicap accessibly home for their daughter n family.

Danny once again has a UTI :(  How very sad and disappointing!  I hate knowing that he is in discomfort.  This will be the 2nd UTI in a month and the 3rd time that he has been on antibiotics, as he had that bought of C diff earlier too.  I guess Danny tuned me out on our lil chat for the 2014 New Years resolution for health.... Seeing he has been sick more then not so far for 2014.  Maybe he is getting all out of his system in the beginning of the year..... JUST MAYBE, I hope.  With this UTI Danny's Urologist would like us to start a 4X a day cathing program regardless if he's pee'd on his own , but that is just NOT going to happen.  That's alil excessive!!  Thankfully I had purchased a bladder scanner, so I am going to give Danny the benefit of the doubt.  I will have him scanned 3x a day and if he has more then we want him to have in his bladder, then we will cath him.  The more he's cath'd the more options to introduce MORE infections.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't!

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