Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stepping out of my Comfort Zone & catching up

It's been a rough time since being home, Danny still hasn't been able to really bounce back.  We've been in and out of Dr Kaspers office with no real reason as to why Danny is : spiking fevers, having severe Puff dependency, retching, GI bleed, and significant edema.  This weekend he scared to bajeezus out of me and his nurse when he had an apnea spell while retching.  It was THE REAL DEAL.  I haven't seen his color change from red, to purple, to blue, to grey that fast ever, thankfully I was home to help resuscitate him.  I wish I never have to see that again, but if I know my sassy son he likes to keep thing exciting, keep me on my toes and keep things real.  


Today we spent most of the morning in the Dr Office for blood work, xrays, and a once over AGAIN and the only thing that has stood out is his potassium levels were alil low.  Hmmmmm, that's it?  I can give him 1/2 a smashed banana in his diet again and that should fix that.  I kinda wish they would find something as to why........ then I don't have to think maybe this is all do to his brain damage progression.


When Nanny is around she always can make him feel better :)  He LOVES his Nanny

We even went as far as to have a Cardiologist take a look at Danny and do an ECHO.  I'm happy to say his ticker is working properly and isn't showing any signs of issues with the added fluid that Danny is retaining.


Seeing nothing is "wrong" I decided to go out of my comfort zone and during Danny's IEP I've elected to try and have Danny GO IN to school for 2hrs 2days a week.  He's nurse and sometimes myself will be with him so I feel alil better about it, BUT my anxiety is HIGH and I'm freaking out alil.  Maybe what I think is good for him, may not.  Maybe he'll do great and school.  I know he will love all the kids there, so I'm going to give it a try and see how he does.  If it doesn't work at least I know and we can right it off, but if it does (well he's been know to prove me wrong at times, heehee).  He won't be there alot, we are taking baby steps.  MOM needs baby steps.  If he is well enough I figure he'll be there about 10 times before the Winter break and then he'll be off from Winter break till probably the beginning of Feb as Danny has surgery scheduled for the beginning of Jan.  He is still scheduled to have his Back fused along with his Baclofen pump being replaced, but I'm weighing all the odds to see if we should do the fusion or not.  There is a balance right now to the pros n cons so here I sit at a stand still.  I will keep you posted on what we decide.

Here's some pictures to Halloween 2012 ~
Marty the dolka dotted circus Clown in Madagascar 3

 Halloween Morning we were in Dr Kasper's office so of course Danny had to dress up :)  Everyone LOVED his costume
 I was class Mom for Avrianna's Class Halloween Party.  As they get older the easier the parties are.  Some snacks and a Movie and they were very content.  I'm thinking this will be it for class parties n field trips so I'm trying to make as many as I can. :)
Here's MEDUSA!!
 Avrianna continues to do great in school.  She decided that on top of her private Piano lessons that this year she would play the Viola in the school program.  Well last week she started to wonder if maybe the Trumpet (following in her father's footsteps) would be more "fun".  She will be doing both the viola n trumpet along with the Piano for the next few weeks to see which one of the school programs (orchestra vs band) would she prefer to do.  I'll be interested to see what one see picks.  Avrianna is still in the Fox Valley Dive Team and LOVES LOVES LOVES it.  I'm amazed at what she can do on off the diving board!!  I think that diving is going to take her places. We got very lucky that she has a phenomenal coach, that has a LOVE for the sport and works well with kids.  Avrianna had her annual exam and is appropriate with her growth as she's  40% for her weight and 60% for her height.  Have to chuckle at Lil Ms achiever as when she was born (8 wks premature and with a blood disorder) the prognosis of her life's path was NO WHERE near what she's become.  She was supposes to be very delayed academically and physically.  YOU GO GIRL!!  Avrianna has also taken a liking to going up North with her father and shooting targets with her gun.  A regular ol' sharp shooter we have.  It's so great that they have this father daughter "bond" that they enjoy doing together.

I'm going through some "changes", hopefully for the better.  I'm working very hard at "living" a better life, with more of a "natural" aspect.  Of course the big one is trying to eat better, but I'm really trying to improve my MS and Fibromyalgia symptoms.  I've been trying Acupuncture, massage, essential oils, eating better, meditation and therapy.  I've gotten a real reality check as to how weak I'm becoming while in therapy and I'm trying with all I have to fight this fight.  At least I'm trying and I won't be able look back as say....I wish I would have tried that ... the dreaded what if's.  As long as I can I will continue to try new things in hopes it helps.  Maybe I will be able to see a cure for this ugly disease in my life time, but until then I have to give it my all.
I found myself, after Danny's lil apnea episode, reflecting once again.  And I needed some tattoo therapy!!
What a wonderful job!!  In memory of our Special Needs ^angels^.  They are many more angels out there that I've had the privileged to follow, but the 7 stars are to Honor the "special" ones that I was close to, emotionally.  I will continue to add stars to honor wonderful children that were very brave in the short time they were here on earth.  Lilianna, Jayden, Emily, Alex, Chase, Kylee, and Mattman you will Forever be in my heart and Always on my mind.  I chose Dragonflies as they symbolize so much about about freedom and life after death.  Here is a wonderful Dragonfly LINK to check out the dragonfly.

This last weekend Bugsy and Teddy left the Osero household and are now living in Mrs Sachs 1st grade room at Lakeview Elementary.  They are so loved there and they have SO MUCH attention.  The great thing is Avrianna is still able to visit them :)  I think she will see them more now that they are at school then when they were here, as Avrianna's schedule is just crazy busy.  I'm so glad we were able to find them a great place.  They now have a Step Guinea pig to play with too, Mr Snickers.  Mr Snickers has been in Mrs Sachs' class for many years along with his Brother Mr Coco.  At the ripe ol age of 7 Mr Coco passed away last school year.   That makes Snickers almost thats unheard of for guinea pigs.  I think it's fair to say Bugsy n Teddy are in Good hands.  Thanks to Mrs Sachs' ~ she's also been very nice to Avrianna with letting her visit them :)

Thanks for checking up on us!!  Good luck to all you Hunters out there ~ Wishing you a wonderful 2012 Hunt!

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