Friday, October 26, 2012

Danny and I were discharged from CHOW on the 15th about a week n a half ago. He's been doing pretty good since we've been home. I'm not sure what might be going on with him NOW as he's slept the last 2 days n nights straight. I have to wonder if he's starting to brew something up again. I sure hope not! His right ear is giving him some grief once again, maybe it's something as simple as that.....or maybe not. How frustrating when he can't tell me what's wrong....I just have to figure it out.


Hitting the road!!
He's in there........Where's Danny?!  That's how we roll :)

The Neurologist's in CHOW seemed to be impressed with Danny's EEG. Even going off most of the seizure meds he was admitted with, the EEG only regstered Three 15 second seizures the whole 4 days he had it on. That's not too say what was going on was not deep brain seizures as an EEG can not register those. BUT, I do find it strange that when he was on all 8 seizure meds he continued to have these "episodes", but now only on 2 seizure meds I really haven't seen a thing. Danny did start a dysautonomia med while in the hospital and it makes me wonder if what was going on was really dysautonomia not seizures.
We were able to capture a nice picture of Danny for his 3rd grade school picture.  What do you think? Not too shabby :)

Once we got home we had a visitor come over.  Isn't she a doll!!  Danny just loves her.  I think he would make a great babysitter, heehee

On the 24th my baby girl turned 10...can you believe it, 10! Where has the time gone? I can't believe how fast she's growing up.  Dan and I made her the bed she's been wanting.  I think she likes it as she's always on it!  This comes from the tree the Dan cut down Up North, to the lumber we cut and plained, to this beautiful bed.  Now that's homemade!  We also got her a phone, that was a big step for me.  We are currently the "coolest" parents ever.....for the moment.  LOL !  Tonight we have 6 of her girls friends sleeping over.  First I'm going to feed them and pump them with cake n ice cream then ship them off to the skating rink to burn off all the sugar.  In hopes they will be exhaused and crash when they get back.

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