Friday, October 5, 2012

Why would this be different??

As usual Danny remains a mystery in the medical world. I swear I need to write my own book, lol. Most of all the labs have come back and not much has jumped out saying here I am. We are still waiting for the cultures to come back and maybe they will show something more concrete. As for now they are still going to continue the 2 broad spectrum antibiotics, until they get more results to see if things need to be changed. I do believe the IV antibiotics are working, because he was actually awake for awhile today AND he gave me a smile :). Danny Is doing well with the Lasix on board so we'll be keeping that on board on a regular basis to flush all the extra fluid off. Now to wait and see if his "fluffiness" goes away. The xrays this morning had shown fluid still in both lungs, so i think this is going to be a slow process. He hasn't lost any weight Since the Lasix but one can only hope. Today the started TPN and lipids to give him some nutrition IV in hopes to help him get stronger and healthier. This will be his main source of nutrition until we can work up on his feeds once his GI track starts working again and hes not so wretchy with things being in nis tummy. We have been able to give him his meds and start a slow rate of formula in his gut, it's a start. Now let's see how well he tolerates it. The GI shut down has many theories as to why...could be from the heavy sedation, having an infection, seizures and or all of the above. GI always seems to one of Danny's Lil tattle tails when he's not feeling good, but he's never gone to this extreme. He normal will shut down when under anesthesia so being this heavily sedated could Ring true as to why GI has caused him problems. Danny's thyroid tests have come back relatively normal and so did his ammonia levels. Sorry not too much to update, but I'll hopefully have more answers tomorrow. Going to get some shut eye. I'm exhausted!

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