Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Day AT School 11-12-12

Danny had a Fantastic first day at school.  I on the other hand was a nervous wreck.  Don't worry I'll get over it, but you have to remember this is his first time learning AT school.  I know he will love the interaction but I just hope he stays healthy.  I'm giving it a try, baby steps here people as this momma can't take much more.  Why do they have to grow up??
Ms Gail was the first to take him to school on his "first" day.  She followed me in Danny's van. That alone is a HUGE step for me as I'm the only one that has EVER driven him around (or at least me in the vehicle) 
Look my Lil boy is on his way to school.  EEEPPP, hold it together MOM!!
Danny ready to go inside.  Of course on his first day it's the coldest day of the year thus far AND it's snowing!!  Can you believe that?!?

Danny in his 3rd grade class.  All is quiet in the classroom as the children all ran to the bathroom to wash their hands when we got there.  Awe, So nice.  I'm just humbled by the interest all his friends have in him.
It's Read Aloud time.  Danny has a spot right along with his peers.  We He Learned about Veterans and what Veterans day is all about.  Ms Gail and I had to chuckle as we learned alot while listening.  Did you know that Veterans Day is celebrated on the last day of WWI?  I did not!  Did you know the battle field was done amongst poppy field hence why we buy poppies to remember the Veterans?  I also did NOT know that.  Maybe I should go back to school, and be able to absorb what I've lost. 
Mr Kamenick is Danny teacher.  I can't wait to see Danny's reaction/ response as he tends to like Males more.  Guess he's gotten sick of us women all the time.  Mr Kamenick is VERY tall and surrounded by all these 3rd Graders he looks like a gentle giant, lol.  After read aloud we had some Q&A time about Danny.  Each student and even the teacher had come up with a question that they would like to know about Danny.  It was so cute to see what some of the kids wanted to know.  We weren't able to finish all the questions and I think their will be even more as time goes by.  I gave me an idea to bring in some of the things Danny needs/used so the kids can feel and see what makes Danny tick.  I just LOVE listening to all the questions they have and even better....I LOVE talking about him.  Danny had his eyes closed most of read aloud and Q&A time,  I'm not sure if he was tired, scared, or if the lights were too bright.  Could be a alil bit of all of everything, but all n all I think he did good.
Off to Art class with his special Ed teacher Mrs Bowers.   Where they did tissue paper fish.  It's was a learning curve for us too on what we need to bring for him and what the school has for him to use.  
 Here we tried to put his sunglasses on him to see if the lights were what was bothering him.  Yeap he's the cool kid in the school.  I think I'm going to bring a visored hat to see if that helps, but I'm not sure if the school will allow hats.  We'll see!
 Working VERY Hard!!
 Once we got him into his special ed room and dimmed the lights he was alert and eye were open!!  They first attempted to do the state wide testing on Danny, but it was useless.  There was NO WAY Danny was going to be able to answer the questions set out infront of him.  Here is were the "system" and I don't see eye to eye.  They don't see the children individually but as a whole.....I know the teachers are only doing what they are told, but really?  Thankfully after 3 questions I spoke up and they agreed it was senseless to go on any further.  So More Object stories......Danny LOVES to be read too :)

 Danny had an awesome Day for his First Day of School.  I'm so proud of him and how far his come!

This year for his birthday I decided to do something alil different.  I set up an "event" for everyone n anyone to send him a birthday message/card in the mail.  Like I said he LOVES for us to read to him.  I'm Calling it a Birthday Card Shower.  Here is what I have on FB for his event.
As most of you guys know Danny has overcome and still faces many medical challenges during his short time

 here. Danny has his 9th Birthday coming up on Dec 23rd. I have people always asking what can I "get" him. He 

LOVES for us to read to him and when I saw this idea from a FB friend in which they had a card shower for her

 son, I thought what a wonderful idea. I am asking everyone that can to please drop a card, or a piece of paper

 with a Happy Birthday Message or maybe even have your children color a pict
ure for him. I ask you to take the

 time and help me celebrate Danny's B-day by sending a birthday wish through the mail. Thank You so much in

 advance for your thoughtfulness, you all are amazing! Feel free to send them whenever before Dec 23rd and I 

will save them all up for his BIG day ♥

If you know of anyone that would be interested .... please share :)  Our Address is 2686 Towerview Dr Neenah, 

WI 54956

The More the Merrier!

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