Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where did June GO??

We just ran through June and are stepping into July.  Lets see what July has to bring us.

Danny pretty much hung out and tried to stay healthy for his much needed surgery.  
It was a rough day for Ms Gail :)  Glad they are able to "enjoy" some of the day as Lil Man has really kept her busy lately.

June 25th marked the 3 yr anniversary of the crash of '09 when Danny coded after 11 days of being hospitalized for a respiratory illness.  He was ambulanced down to CHOW for the duration of our 79 day stay.  What a lil fighter he is !

Yesterday Danny had his VEPTR rod lengthening done along with having his ear drums permanently perforated.  He has had a LONG battle with ear infection and ear tube issues (he's a tube pusher) so he now has holes in his ear drums allowing all the fluid and goo to drain out all the time and "Naturally".
Here he is all ready to go into the OR...sporting the hospital gown I made him and the matching cap n booties that Ms Keren made him.  He was the "coolest" kid in the OR, let me tell you!
 Surgery was late so we had ALOT of waiting .... like 3 extra hours :(  But they got him in and he did FANTASTIC!  Dr Tassone once again grew Lil Man about another 1".  YIKES!!  This HAS to STOP.  Look at where his head is on this bed and this was taken BEFORE he grew.  OMG
 Ortho did have comment that I could indeed STOP Danny from growing.  Of course I knew his back could be fused so his torso stays at that length, but the Dr also stated he could go in and sucher Danny's growth plates then in turn totally stopping the growth process and keeping him this size.  Not sure we'll need to go there, as Danny is pretty far into puberty already so he might stop all on his own.  Dr Kasper said to NOT rule that option out, but we'll look further into his "growing" before making any drastic decision like that.  I was told hat even though to sucher the growth plates is a very quick and easy is a pretty painful one.  I will feel as if he had broken bones all over :(  I need more research.

4hrs after surgery Danny and I were on our way home :)  What a super trooper!!  Today he is doing pretty well all things considered.  He is riding the vent and having some GI issues, but we are able to keep things under control for the most part.  It will be awhile before he is back to his baseline.....I'm just glad he's well enough to be in the comforts of our home with "his girls" taking care of him.

I ordered some Tubie Whoobies to for his G-tube.  I couldn't decide so ........................aren't they adorable?!

LOVE my new sassy bumper sticker ~ saw this and I just HAD TO HAVE IT

Avrianna has kept me pretty busy with all her summer camps ontop of her Diving/Trampoline, playing with friends and sleepovers.
She had a week of Volleyball camp....and she Rocked at it!!
 The next 2 months for 2 days a week she is doing archery.......of course Rocking at that too!
 Next month she is going to try Karate.  I wonder if this kid can NOT excel at something, LOL.  I'm so proud of her :)
Last week Avrianna become a "Mommy" of 2 guinea pigs.  The brown one is "Teddy" and the tri color is "Bugsy".
  She spend ALOT of time with them and can be found in her room chilling out watching TV with them.

Well that was June in a Nut Shell.  I hope I can be alil more organized and update more in July.  Usually we are off Up North for the Fourth, but this year we are going to be hanging out at home.  We'll give Danny more time to recover and check out the festivities around here.
I hope you ALL have a SAFE and Happy 4th of July.  Please remember it's not about the BBQ's and the fireworks, thank the ones that serve our country.  Our freedom isn't FREE!!

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