Thursday, March 1, 2012

Something's in the air..........

Welcome March.....we're just alil closer to spring ~ YAY! But we can complain about the weather too much around here as we've had record highs this winter and record lows of snow amount. The last big storm that was suppose to hit us was to drop about 6" of snow...well we got a thunderstorm that knocked out the power here at the house for about 2 hours. Boy am I grateful for the back up generator. Honestly we didn't even know the power had gone out till ALL of the house powered back up causing some things to make noises. None of Danny's machines skipped a beat or alarmed with the loss of power, FINALLY something worked like it was suppose too.

Danny has been off his game this last week. I started with him getting alil more junkier. The culture from his trache came back with another party of germs ~ staph, psuedomonas, and stenotrophomonas. All of which are not playing well with the same antibiotic. I believe because of the antibiotics he is having tummy issues. Poor bug is either down right pissy or sleeping the last 2 days, in addition to having multiple dirty diapers a day :( So I've been spending some extra cuddling time with him. He's either learning to get irritable and "mom will cuddle with me" or he's just that comfy when we cuddle that he can nap. Either way I win ~
As you can see I went out and get my hair cut off again. It was just getting to be difficult for me to do anything with it long. So off it went, thanks to my girlfriend Lynn. There was more hair on her floor then on my head when she was done :)Sassy ~
Sassy with Highlights! It's so much easier to care for when it's shorter. I like it !!
This week I go in for a MS work up. I am going down on Tuesday for my 2 hour infusion, then a 2 hour MRI of my brain/spinal, and after that I will be going over the results with my Neurologist. I can't believe she is going to be going over the results with me the SAME DAY!! How awesome is that. I've started to take some supplements that have been known the help with inflammation which is a big factor in MS. I really haven't seen a BIG difference yet, but I'm not going to give up on it yet. I'm feeling awkward things going on here an there IE: not being able to walk well, numbness in my arms/hands/fingers, weakness and fatigue, headaches, and vision issues. I'll be interested to see if I have more/new lesions. Seeing these lesions have their own personality and independence I've decided to give them a name ..... I have called them "Waegner's". For those of you who know me personally, you will know the importance of that name....a name that I think is appropriate to these lesions that have wreaked havoc on my life. Have I told you how much this disease SUCKS?! But I do have to say my mood/attitude has gotten better so that in itself it is an achievement. I started to take meds for it, but it's Baby steps! I will keep fighting for my independence and to keep MS at bay. Some days I think it would have been easier if they diagnosed me with cancer, not an INCURABLE DISEASE.


On a better note....The Clothes Hamper in Oshkosh, WI on Jackson St is now open for business. Come check it out!! We are open 365 days a year from 5am-10pm.

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