Friday, March 16, 2012

Rocky Start

We've been on this new seizure med now for about a week. It has definitely shown improvement in Danny's seizure, NOW. In the beginning I wasn't too sure it was the right fix for him. Then on Tuesday morning he had a very long intense seizure and I was ready to throw in the towel, but after talking with Dr. Kasper we realized it wasn't the new med it was the titration off the old med that Danny was reacting to. His system has been on this older med FOREVER and is obviously dependent on it more then the neurologist's eagerness to get him off of it. So Danny's seizure on Tuesday was induced by withdrawal.....poor bug :( Dr Kasper set out a new titration plan and Danny has been doing well ever since. The quantity and severity of his seizures have lessened. Woohooo!! The significant side effect of Onfi is the increase of secretions. SO the suction machine is getting a work out. Then again I'm not totally sure I can blame all of the added secretions on Onfi as we've been having unseasonal like warm temps and the allergy levels are HIGH here. We all know how well Danny does with Allergies....NOT GOOD. Every year the allergies have admitted him in the hospital with some respiratory CRAP. Danny has always had heightened respiratory junk for allergies then he does during cold n flu season. With allergies knocking on our door AND Onfi.....hold on tight Danny here we go. While we were into see Dr. Kasper on Tuesday he took a look into Danny's left ear. It started bleeding last Saturday and it bleed for just about 2 days straight, pretty alarming to say the least. Well Dr K pulled out a clot that just tickled my tummy. I swear it looked like a leech......GROSS! I'm sure Danny can hear better with that thing out of there, but now the inside looks just painful and traumatized. So this afternoon we are heading down to CHOW for the ENT to take a look at it and give us some insight as to what to do to get his ear to recover. After years and years of issues with Danny's right ear now the left ear is wanting to play ~ poor bug that HAS to be very painful. It's going to take us twice a long to drive one way to get there then the time we are going to spend in the office with the ENT. At least the weather is nice out AND we enjoy talking with the ENT. Dr Martin to the rescue ~ lol.
Like I said the weather around here has been just BEAUTIFUL. It's great! The temps during the day have been in the 60's and 70's and the sun is out. Things are starting to turn green and I can see the sprouts of my flowers n plants popping out of the ground. YAY!!! The heater is off and the windows are open in the house, BREATHE!! We've decided to cancel out trip to Florida over spring break. With the weather here I see no need to drive 27 hours straight to go down south. There is more for us to do here then down there and there's not tiring drive to go along with it. We are planning on taking Avrianna (and possibly her cousin from Tomahawk might stay with us for the week) to a water park and maybe down to Chicago to the aquarium. Avrianna would be content to just stay home as we are going to be opening the pool early this year, due to the warm temps AND we put up her trampoline that she got for Christmas up in the yard. We don't see much of her at all......she LOVES that thing. It helps that for dive they also practice on the trampoline so this for her is a dream come true. I now have more leverage to get things done from her......or NO Trampoline/Dive. Avrianna just LOVES this sport~ she still talks about it alot to anyone that will listen and shows alot of enthusiasm.
I can't keep this girl on the grounded on her two feet she'd rather be flipping around
Have a safe and Happy St Patrick's Day from us to YOU! Take Care and thanks for stopping by.

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