Friday, December 9, 2011

Surgery Update

The general surgeon came to talk with me right away. He told me the gall bladder had to be removed BUT we could wait if we wanted to have it removed. He wouldn't push it off more then 6 weeks, but we could wait. Even though the proposition sounded good to NOT have surgery right away the idea of going home and having to come back, possibly emergency, didn't sit well with me. So he was put on the surgery calendar for Today. It was suppose to be at 3 this afternoon but I'm thankful they were able to push it up to this morning. I was afraid that it might not happen as last night was alil rough on Danny. After his Mr Jiggles treatment last night he went NUTS with shaking, breathing fast, fever, high heart rate which required more pain meds. He finally calmed down and slept, but was up at 4am doing the same thing. Pain meds were given again and he did coming back down to a more Danny vitals.
They came to get him around 8am but the procedure didn't start till about 10, as I guess I was right on with telling them his internal anatomy wasn't right cuz 5 attempts with ultrasound/X-ray and 1.5hours later he presented to be challenge for his 2 extra lines. The thought was he needed more access then the med port for all the meds, anesthesia, and blood transfusion for surgery. Thankfully the extra access was the only challenges for his gall bladder removal as everything went well and he didn't even need blood. The incision site is where his scar is from his Nissen/fundoplication so there is no extra "war wounds". Woot Woot! They are keeping him paralyzed until later today or even till tomorrow so he reminds comfortable for alil while longer. He looks GREAT!! And I'm so happy he is back in his room where I can be at his side.
The surgeon needed to do an "open" procedure because of the location of the gall bladder and the ITB pump. It would have been too risky to do it laparoscopically so his surgery and recovery is going take longer. They stapled the incision as this procedure has a higher risk of infection so with it being stapled it will allow any bacteria to ooze out easier rather then being sealed in.
Anxiety was high this more I'm not going to lie. You would think after all the procedures he's gone through it was start getting easier...but NOPE! On the contrary It was very difficult. I am glad I saw his labs from this morning as my anxiety was eased (a little bit) because his labs shown his pancreas & liver markers were starting to increase again. Possibly the reason why he was irritated last night. It needed to be done and now he can start the road to recovery
Thanks for following us and keeping Danny in your thoughts n prayers.

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