Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gall bladder

The ultrasound yesterday has shown stones in Danny's Gall bladder, sludging in the gall bladder, and thickening of the gall bladder wall. This explains A LOT with some of this issues that Danny has been having (not just with the acute issues). In talking with Palliative and Dr Kasper we feel the best option for Danny is to have his gall bladder removed. I will now have both kids that will be gall bladder free, avrianna has hers out on Dec '08 steming from her blood disorder. The surgeon has been paged to get consult and then we'll get a game plan. Danny's pancreas #'s number continue to go down with The gut rest so Now that surgery is in his very near future I can bet they are going to start TPN for nutrition.
During respiratory therapy this morning Danny stared to bleed from his trache, ok really?? Theory is a few things (suction trauma, trauma do to cuff being inflated so much because of the vent, or there is something wrong with is trachea) so we wait to see how today plays out, if it gets worse or better with a few tricks of the trade, or is a more invasive approach needed. Danny is really reacting well to the pain meds....as long as they stay on top of them, Because he has a high pain tolerance they are apt to wait longer to give it to him. Which I am pushing to make it more scheduled so heh as a more restful stay. This morning he was breathing really funny and I couldn't figure out why till I realize he was clenching down from pain :(. Pain meds were given and he is breathing much better :)
Last night I drove home to go to Avrianna's school christmas concert. I'm so glad I went! It was so cute. I am so proud of her :) Then afterwards it was back to the hospital. This lifestyle SUCKS and I don't wish it on anyone. To be separated from your family is just plain awful :(. I can only hope we are not here for a very extended stay. I am even more thankful that I am done with my christmas shopping so I don't have to power shop when we get home, or even worse have nothing for Christmas. I have some wrapping left to do and then I'm finished.
Unfortunately I have to leave Lil Man for a couple hours today to go get my MS infusion, but thankfully it's right here in the Milwaukee area so it won't be too long for me being away. Today we have a nurse that is framiliar with Danny so it makes it alil easier to leave. This hospitalization is really testing my trust issues as you all know I NEVER leave him alone while in the hospital, so my anxiety levels are HIGH.

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