Monday, December 5, 2011

Go BIG or Go Home

And boy does Danny do it BIG! We are currently inpatient at CHOW rm# 507 ICU with tracheitis and pancreatitis. I have one sick Lil Man :(. So let's back track a few days a give you the scoop. In my last post you knew Danny was still so so and still wasn't back to himself. Well Saturday afternoon it all came to a head, once I got home from Avrianna's swim meet.
Off to the local ER we went with a fever, breathing like crap, and seizures. We sat there for about 6 hours and the verdict was tracheitis. As he sputium tests grew out moderate WBC, gram + rodes, gram + cocci/strep, gram - cocci, gram - bacilli, gram + cocci/staph. Pretty much anything that he could have .......he does :(. Where in H€\\ did he get that!! They gave him an IV does of cypro in the ER and said that because we had a great support system at home we could go as long as I felt comfortable. Which we did, but not before we had a full blown grand mall for them to see, nice Danny real nice! Thankfully the rescue med worked and they were STILL comfortable with us going home. We just needed to keep him on the vent for support, treat fever n seizures, and go out in the am for oral cypro. Home we went :) ,but we knew if he got worse we'd be coming right back. The next morning he was really not himself and was giving Aleana, RN some grief. I was at the last day of Avrianna's swim meet - which by the way she did fantastic, I'm so proud of her - 2 days 8 events 4 medals n 4 ribbons :). WAY TO GIRL! After the meet Dan was on a mission "impossible" for this ciproflaxin that Danny needed. He went to multiple pharmacies with NO luck. I called Dr K to see what he wanted to do next and then $h!¥ hit the fan, UGH!
Dr K checked over the labs n such that were done in the ER the night before to see if there was anything more definitive if the antibiotic needed to be changed anyways. No he didn't find that, BUT what he did find was his lypase #'s were high (normal 23-300) at 2644, YIKES! So Dr K called the lab to run a different test,stat, and it was high too, which means Danny has pancreatitis. So I got the "pack your bags you have to go south" :( As I was backing I get a knock on the's Dr K, how awesome is that!! He wanted to give Lil Man and pep talk AND me the blessing to drive him down by myself, cuz I didn't want to go via our chariot the ambulance. I got the thumbs up to go and off we went. About half way there Danny started wretching which made it for a long more stressful ride. Once we got to CHOW we unfortunately had to go through the ER, as we usually are a direct admit,but we were able to sit around and watch the Packer Game before the commotion.
While we've been here he reminds stable but still very ill. Thankfully his pancreas numbers have started to drop with just being NPO (gut rest). He is receiving his meds and hydration through IV, we will access tomorrow wether he can start small feeds or go on TPN. It all depends on what the ultrasound his going to have later says and want the labs show. He is having some issues with the amount of fluid thHimyarites him and he's now 3rd spacing and puffy and we are hoping his dropping hemoglobin is do to too much fluid and not something else, so they are going to decrease fluids and watch him closely. Ive signed papers for transfusion IF he should need it. Let's hoping it will recover after the fluids are lowered.
We sit and wait now to see how his system reacts to the meds to figure out what the next step is going to be. I'm not sure how long this stay is going to be :(, but my gut says its not going to be quick fix :(. I will be leaving this afternoon (yes I have to leave him alone in the hospital, yikes) to go see Avrianna's school Christmas concert tonight and then return here later in the night. I'm very anxious about leaving him here alone, as I've really had bad experiences but I need to be home for her concert. The timing really sucks for this inpatient, but then again there really isnt a good time for there? This weekend we were to have Danny's 8th bday celebration, but I needed to cancel :(. I'm very sad, but it is what it is and we just need to get him better. It's snowing here in Milwaukee so I will have to leave even earlier then I had planned, man this is so hard to lead him :(
Thanks for checking up on us. I will keep you posted

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