Saturday, June 11, 2011


Catching up so it's a long one! Well really when isn't it ~ LOL.
Summer, or should I say winter, break has begun. Wednesday was the last day of school (I have a 4th and a 2nd grader now, OMG) and the temps were in the 90's with the heat index just about 100. For only the weather to drop out of the sky on Wednesday evening after another storm that passed through (yes we've been in the basement ALOT this year already) and now temps have not even reached the 60's. NOT NICE! I guess the weather is going to start to be more "normal" next week, so until then we really had to turn on the heat ~ in mid June???
I do have to say the sky was in all sorts of colors and clouds with this storm...unlike any I have ever seen.
The North West side of our Home
The South Side ~ Love the lightening strike!
Directly above our house ~ These are so COOL!
The East Side
With the end of the school year the school has been doing alot of fun activities for the kids. Here's Avrianna with her Principle Mrs. Renning at the Ie Cream Social... what's better then ice cream at school?
On Tuesday Dan and I volunteered to be chaperone's for a Field Trip to the Milwaukee City Museum. Not the day to be stuck on a school bus with temps almost 100, but the kids all had fun. Avrianna really liked the Butterfly exhibit ~ Or did the butterflies like her being there?
My bushes and plants are loving this weather. I LOVE the blooming flowers. The Rose bushes have buds on them but just haven't opened up yet, I can't wait!
The GREAT Hunter staking his ground....waiting patiently. You'd think these animals would get a clue and know by now that if you are in the yard YOU WILL BE CHASED! This week alone he's gone for 2 sand hill cranes (twice), deer, a turkey, and a cat. Really??
The pool is OPEN and it's getting alot of use already
My Sunbathing Babes! Oh Tis the Life!!
My good Friend Joe came over this week and put some "Personality" to my car....Thanks Calico, as always....I LOVE IT! You're amazing and so detailed ~ THE BEST!!
Check out my @$$ ~ LOL
My family symbol on the driver door :)Can you believe ALL of it free's an awesome thing to watch :)
Last night was the first night in some since Feb/March that Danny didn't need any Oxygen through the night. I can only hope we can give that machine a break now for a while. I have an email into the Pulm Dr to see if we should put Danny on a C pap machine (ventilator) during the nite to help him breath and open his lungs, which we hope will slow these respiratory illness's down a bit. The Dr has been out of a couple weeks so hopefully she'll back to us with her opinion. We went down to CHOW on the 1st for appts with Danny but it was really a flop. Danny was able to get into see the ENT for a follow up with his ear, which is still draining...the Dr sucked out the goo (GROSS) and had it cultured. The culture came back with no bacteria but now Danny has a fungus there, great ~ NOT! From ENT we were suppose to see GI, suppose to be the key word here. We haven't seen a GI, other then when we've been in house in a LONG time. It's way over due and still ticking. Appts were running late that day and I had to get to my treatment on the other side of Milwaukee (I couldn't miss it) so we walked out of the exam room before the GI Dr even got in, UGH. I'm looking at see if we can get Danny into one of the GI Dr's that satellite here in the Fox Valley, as the one we would like to be followed by is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get into see :( With Danny improving in his health we've been working his Lil Butt with therapies as he's been laxed with them this last school quarter. I'm sure he's thinking he thought it was summer break....BUT not with him. So back to work for him ~ LOL.
I've been a busy bee with end of school activities, dental appts, doctor appts, getting the RV set up, planning my summer activities. It's going to be a CRAZY busy summer..if it all goes smoothly it should be a FUN time. I have 4 possibly 5 parties planned here....Support Group meeting, Brownie/Junior bridging camp out/pool party, Eye Candi party, and a Block party. I'm looking at putting a get together with some of our "old" friends with their families....amazing when we all have families how time flies and we grow apart. It would be nice to start an annual reunion with them so we can stay in contact :) We have a family vacation planned to St Louis this summer and we're all excited to go. We just hope it's not so ungodly HOT. When we get back from there "A" goes to a week long summer Girl Scout camp. So READY.... SET.... GO for this summer!
Salon Osero was up and running....I had to wash those grays right out of my hair and then (with some help, thanks Gail) added some highlights in it. Now those grays will be camouflaged more and harder to spot :) Lil Man had to get a serious hair cut ~ He's so HANDSOME!!
Getting into clothes that fit better has been so emotionally lifting...there isn't that constant reminder EVERYDAY that I'm getting bigger. If you don't look at the # stamped and the back of the clothing it makes it easier. As long as I can feel good and look good, really what do I care. Not to mention going out on a shopping spree was a BLAST! I so appreciate all the kind words and support from my last post. Unfortunately there really isn't anything I can do. I'm eating right and exercising, but with the meds I'm on to control my MS and a DYSFUNCTIONAL thyroid ... I have to roll with the punches. I can only hope my thyroid decided to swing the other direction (which it tends to do) and I start losing some of it. I just had to post about it, get it out, and then I'm MUCH better. I'm so glad I was able to help others with it...that's the whole point of the blog. I received many private messages thanking me for posting as they too were having issues, thanking me for speaking up. Well you all know me by now ~ I say what I feel, I tell you what's on my mind .....even if it's about myself. Why not ~ If I don't speak up who will? I'm NOT PERFECT and I'm not afraid to put myself out there. My whole hope for the blog, the whole reason I started it is for an outlet for ME and OTHERS. ENJOY! We LOVE you guys and we're always excited to see you stopped by to check in on us.
Some of my favorite pictures of the Memorial Day Parade ~
So Proud :)All I can say here is "DOUBLE TROUBLE"!
So Sweet!!!

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