Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bored Song N Dance

Danny went to his first concert last Thursday to see Boogie and the Yo ~ Yo'z. What a WONDERFUL evening to be out. There were no bugs and the temps were perfect! Not to mention listening to some great music. Danny was able to listen to Eric play......his favorite lead guitar player. Not only does Eric play and mean guitar and other instruments BUT he works some magic architecturally. Yes ~ he put the ideas of our dream home into THE PLAN :) Poor guy.... he to work with us, but he does awesome work. It was so nice of Eric to acknowledge Danny being out in the audience ~ Thanks! Next time I will have to get a picture of Danny and the band when they are on break.Too bad the evening was cut short due to a poor attitude from Avrianna and her 2 friends that we took along as she had them sleeping over that nite. So much for me trying to do something nice. I learned my lesson and NEVER again will I take her n her friends out. Avrianna's always wanting me to take her n her friends out when we have someone over. I do and what do I get ..........attitude. They are "Bored and STARVING". Of course nothing there would do to eat so I said 30 minutes and we'll leave, giving us a few more minutes out. .... that wasn't good enough I guess as I was constantly asked if we were leaving yet. GRRRRR!! We left there and I was so upset and disappointed in the girls. They knew to stay clear and be quiet through dinner. I reminded them about how good they have it and I let them have it about being bored. Told them they could all sit in a chair ALL DAY LONG and not move ... then we'll see how bored they are. I was NOT going to tolerate them anymore that night. I was almost in tears I was so upset. I know it really wasn't that big of a deal BUT when Danny is out and everything was wonderful DON'T BUST HIS BUBBLE! Next time it's going to be just ME and My Lil Man to enjoy the night, away if we so choose.

LOVE that smile on his face ~ floating in the waterWe brought out the pool lift and gave it a try ~ I normally just pick him up (I still can do that now, but he's getting pretty big so......)He LOVED IT!And even better he LOVES being in the water. He's got it!!
He had the pool to himself and enjoyed every minute of it :) Take THAT!! I was told I wouldn't be able to get him in the water again when he got the trache.....when there's a will there's a way!

Avrianna and her cousin Tyler ~ sporting their glasses :)
I think the had fun.........

Here's my new Hobby ~ Cake Pops
And Truffles
They are so YUMMY!! And really easy to make. It's the decorating that is time consuming and detailed. Our first time we made them it was definitely a learning curve, but I think we've got it down already. Aleana and Avrianna have been helping me make them :) and the ideas are just flowing. So the house has been filled with these sweet treats. YUM!

The RV is ready! We needed to do some rewiring and altering to get the RV to work for us. The biggest thing was the shower doors had to come off ..... now there is tons of room for us to actually shower Danny in the tub :) Our first trip is around the corner and I'm hoping everything works out. Here it is with Danny's van attached to the back. The paint colors match perfectly...I couldn't have done that better even if I tried :) The green color is exact! I can't wait to drive it to see how it handles. Watch out here we come!!
The weather is still gloomy and blah around here with rain and overcast, but by the weekend I heard the rain might finally leave us for awhile. My plants are still loving it though. My Knock -Out rose bushes are just beautiful.
The garden is coming along too....I think some sun and warmer weather and it will just take off!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I'm sorry the girls ruined your day out. :( I am glad though that Danny had a good time! Your pool looks lovely, I wish we could come swimming!