Thursday, July 7, 2011

North for the 4th '11 & Catching UP

Boy does time fly when you are not looking. Sorry for the lack of updates, but no news is good news in this case. We've been very busy around here this summer. We all have been doing good. The heat is the killer for me so I try to stay cool as possible. Danny has been doing great (knock on wood) he didn't even require oxygen at night the last two nites. I think he might have finally gotten over the allergies (only 4months, grrr).
Wednesday I through a surprise baby shower for my girl friend, Connie ~what a fun time that was. I actually pulled it off :) I made more cake pops n truffles. (truffles are mint, peanut butter n regular)
I think we're going to name our "business" Lil Sweet Temptations. That sounds appropriate and YUMMY!
Avrianna had a mishap with her bike and flip flops. Tearing the tip of her toe, YUCK!
and bending her rim. How does that happen.....really? Cheap!!!!
Thursday Avrianna performed her Play (a remix of Wizard of OZ) that she has been working on in her summer school drama. What a hot day for that, but the all did great.
Tater Tot
The Crew
Aleana and Ila came to watch's so awesome to see that both nurses were there to wat
ch Avrianna in her moment. They are not just for Danny.....they are our Family!!
After the Play we all went for Ice Cream and the went swimming in the pool.
The Wentzel family :)
We took out the RV for it's first Osero vacation up to Tomahawk over the 4th. We had a great time........
In Rhinelander we went on a Dinner cruise on the Wisconsin River ~ What nice relaxing time :)
Entertainment too
We went down to the Dam and then turned around
We went to The WildwoodWilderness Zoo in Minocqua ~
They were very accommodating with Danny and brought animals out for Danny to hold n touch.
They are very hands on there and there were animals running free every where :) Highly recommend going here.
The goats liked to try n eat Danny's chair
Capybara ~ large rodentChinchilla
Hitching a ride
I gotta get me one of damn CUTE
They have a sanctuary for injured birds......Beautiful Bald EaglesLEMURS!SPIDERS ~ EEEEEKKKKK!
Here Kitty Kitty!!!! This Jaguar was "into" Danny. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. He just sat and stared and my Lil Man ~ YIKES!
Feeding the bear "Bear Juice"
Bird Lady....she got 15 birds to land on her food stick
We watched the Kawhamot Water ski show .... Papa's house is right across the river from the show. Only in Tomahawk can you spell your city backwards and get a name for your ski team :)
Happy 4th of July!!!!Staged and Ready to GO in the 1 mile FUN RUN ~
She's OFF ... Good Luck and Have Fun ~
Here She Comes ~ GO Avrianna GO!
Cheering on Avrianna!!
We have a 1st place winner ~ Gold Medal winner
WAY TO GO AVRIANNA ~ 1mile in 7:30!! 1st place girl in her age group and placed 16th in the 63 kids that ran
We're the parade starting yet?
Watching the ParadePapa driving his Military Jeep ~ with the Legion Commander
To The Hunt ~ A documentary made of Tomahawk hunting shacks. One of which is "The Newwood Club" founded by Dan's Grandpa. Dan is in the movie too AND he's pictured on the cover :) Kinda neat!After the parade the Tomahawk Firemen have water wars..............Then spray the crowd ~ Fun times!When it's all over..........two drenched kiddos :)
Capt. Papa ~
I think Danny like it.......
Now what a scene ~ Tranquility on the Wisconsin River!
Danny n I had an awesome view of the fireworks free of bugs in the front seat of the RV :) It was GREAT ! Dan n Avrianna went back on the pontoon to watch the fireworks on the river.
Driving on the way home ... I looked up and THUMBS UP from our Angels :)
I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our vacation :) I know we had a great time making more memories! I hope you all had a safe and Happy 4th of July!! Thanks for stopping by to check on us ~

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