Saturday, September 18, 2010

I get the award for worst blogger, I swear! I have great intentions and then the week gets away from me. I know I keep saying this, but I WILL get back in the swing of it soon.....I promise :)
Avrianna started her first week back at the swim team. I'm so proud of her, she is doing so well. Her first meet is mid October here at the Neenah High School. We are all excited to see her at the meet.
I took Avrianna to her first orthodontist consult on Monday which turned out to be her first appt by the time we were done talking. She indeed needs some oral work done. They molded her for a palette expander for her small upper jaw n over bite. The expander will also have a "fence" added to the front of it to help prevent the significant tongue thrust she has. The expander is a bracket that is installed on her palette which will gradually expand her upper jaw not only to improve her over bite but to make more room for her adult teeth to come in. Avrianna was pretty excited to get them UNTIL the whole process started. The spacer bands were put in and I don't think they felt every well. She wasn't too excited about the mold process either but she handled it very well. After the RULES of what she can and can't eat were laid out I could see the sparkle leaving her eyes. She'll be a trooper ... it's all for the better to get things aligned now rather then later in life. This Monday the metal brackets will be put around her back teeth for the expander to be attached on to, the following Monday. So in alil over a week all the hardware will be installed, we'll see how it goes.
I learned a VERY IMPORTANT lesson last Thursday....... remove your foot from the route of the wheelchair ramp when raising it up. Foot vs Wheelchair RampVery Swollen and pretty painfulA week later the swelling has gone down some, the colors are just beautiful, and the aches n pains are still there.
The moral of the story is the ramp will always win :( I did go in for xrays and I didn't break anything surprisingly (guess I'm "lucky"). The doctor was very surprised that nothing did break, but it was VERY bruised.
I wanted to do something to honor my family.... throughout our home I have many things that have the four hearts that come together so I thought what a great idea for a tattoo.
So the orange MS peace n love heart for me, the pink (her birthstone) heart with '02 in for Avrianna, the dark blue with '01 for Dan (for his birthstone and our wedding month), and the light blue (his birthstone) with the wheelchair for Danny.
Our families emblem
I added Avrianna's foot print from birth and Danny's foot print from his birth.
Phase 1 onto phase 2 :)

More of the wildlife hanging in our yard, so cool.
Now if could get them to STOP eating my trees, LOL
The other day while Avrianna and I were out waiting for the bus there were some "hunters" trying to get some geese. Well a few seconds after I heard a few rounds go off Avrianna and I started to get rained on by bb's. OMG the morons are shooting in our direction!! Well no one got hurt but it really freaked out Avrianna as I grabbed her and put her in front of me as I didn't know at that time where they were shooting from for sure and I didn't want her to get hurt if they were too close. Once I got home I called over to the house where I saw them shooting from to discuss with them that it wasn't a good idea to be shooting in the direction of residential homes, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
On the Danny home front things are still unknown, but stable. The upper GI came back "normal" so we're not sure as to what's going on with his feeding problems. The newest "theory" is it's still his dysautonomia playing around and he's just going to need more time to bounce back. I'm awaiting to hear what the doctors have to say about everything. I hope to hear from some of them....any of them soon. School therapy and his private PT therapy are back in FULL swing and I'm very excited to see what this year will bring to Danny and his abilities :)
Thanks for stopping by to check in on us!


Andrea said...

You are so not the worst blogger! :) I think that goes to me. Hugs to you and your family.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow, there's a lot in one post! First off, holy COW your foot looks painful! That must hurt like heck - I can't believe it's not broken. As for the hunters, that's insane. I can't believe how dangerous that is. You must have been so scared!

I hope that Danny's tummy starts feeling better soon. And I love your new tattoos! :)