Monday, September 6, 2010

Finally updating

Sorry for the lack of updates from us. I had really thought I would have more time to blog once school began but I've been catching up on paperwork and projects around here. Avrianna is officially a 3rd grader. WOW! One week under her belt and all is good. She's adjusting to a new class, new teacher, and new classmates very well. Danny will be starting up his therapies this week I'm very excited to get back into the routine for Danny. Enough sluffing off, LOL. Danny will continue to get Speech, OT, PT, Vision, and the teacher all done here at the house. I can't wait for them all to see him and all the changing he's gone through this summer. Once again the summer was a rough road for The Osero's, but we seem to been on the right track........for now. The only real hiccups around here are.
Danny's right hip is now completely dislocating itself multiple times a day, sigh. It's very frustrating! A dislocated hip causes him some significant discomfort when it's out, but he seems to calm down once I put it back in, NOT one of my favorite things in the world to do ~ I can tell you that. Danny still isn't totally back to his normal feeding regimen but we are always up new regimens. He still has some blood clots that come out when I vent his tummy so I know things are still not up to par in his GI tract yet. Tomorrow he has a GI follow up appt here in Fox Valley so it'll be nice to get the doctors perspective.
Avrianna had three more cavities filled in her teeth. Once again they came in with the cavities as her teeth are very pitted, grrrrr. I was really hoping she wouldn't have my teeth. She even managed to get to cavity in one of her teeth that already was sealed. I'm VERY proud of her as she had all three cavities filled without gas or Novocain. No tears and No NOT her mother! She is going to be seeing an orthodontist next week for braces. She has a severe lower under bite, upper over bite, and her pallet is quite high. GO figure! I'm not sure how it all works but I hear today's day n age is alot different when it comes to bracing teeth. We'll see where this road takes us. At least, for now, she is excited to have braces. But I don't think it will last long, heehee.
Dan performed open heart surgery on "Big Red" this last week. So now the big red truck should run better and hopefully longer. His excuse is that now Avrianna needs braces so he has to keep it running....LOL. I think it's because he can't get himself into getting rid of "her". They've been through alot you know, there's a history.
I had to go on oral baclofen for my MS. My legs n feet were getting pretty spastic, to where my right leg is turned in when I walk. Dan always asks if my hip hurts as it looks like it would walking they way I do now. I notice I walk differently but I can't say it's more uncomfortable at night when I'm laying in bed trying to unwind n relax and my leg muscles are still tight. Grrrrr! I just keep adding more notches to my .... "that's what Danny goes through" experiences, sigh
Today we had a fun art project day .... out came the paints and we all got dirty. We did hand prints making bats, pumpkins, and leaves. Then off with the socks to make ghosts. I can't believe how well Danny did with paint in his hands, Aleana actually got great hand prints of him. That is no easy task! Lil Man definitely expressed his lack of enthusiasm a few minutes after the paint hit his hands, LOL. The boy doesn't like to be messy, but he'll get over it.

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

You sure sound busy! I know that I keep saying "As soon as the kids are back in school, I will have lots more free time". And I know that next week, when they have been in for a week, I will be totally busy! LOL We sure are silly aren't we. :)

I hope Danny's hip starts behaving. I can hear Emily's clicking lately, so luckily we see ortho soon. These kids sure do keep us on our toes!

I'm sorry about your leg pain. I have really bad arthritis in my spine and right hip, so I can relate somewhat. Laying in bed, my right hip hurts so bad. :( It sucks not being comfy in bed. I hope the baclofen helps you.