Sunday, January 1, 2017

Growing UP ~ Hello TEENAGE Years

13 years old!  OH MY WORD ~ A milestone I didn't know if I'd see.  What a MIRACLE to have 13 years....when from the beginning we were told "it would be a miracle IF he makes it to his FIRST birthday".  Well TAKE THAT ~ Danny is 13 years old!!!

 Danny's first photo ~ just minutes after his delivery.....fighting the ultimate fight to stay, after being brought back to life.

What a handsome young man he's become!!

On his birthday we showered him with the cards he received .....Grand total of 54!!  WOW ~ Thank you for taking the time to send him some birthday cheer.  We opened and read each and every one to him.  I'm amazed that out of all those cards there wasn't any duplicates!!
For a birthday treat we took Danny to go see the Movie "Sing" at the theater.

I can't say that being 12 was easy on Danny.  What a rough year with many illnesses, and a few of them were VERY SCARY.   In addition to Danny being pretty sick most of last year we not only lost an amazing nurse that we had for 5 years, but pretty much all of Danny's medical team has parted ways. Some of the physicians I wasn't to upset/disappointed to see them go, but others WOW it was a shock and it still hurts.  We won't be the same that is for sure, but I know we will be ok.  I am in the process of building a new team....literally from the ground up. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, but right now I'm still riding on auto pilot and in shock.
Even though Danny was 12 I tend to want to think that he was actually on his 13 year of life which means all the bad 13 crap will be behind us. So being 13 will be a breeze, right?  Just let me reel in that imagination for alil while.  I know the older and bigger he gets the harder things could be on him, but he's made it this far and we'll keeping doing what HE does best...Proving them Wrong!!
I am just so proud of my young HERO!  All that has been stacked against him, all that he has endured ~ and he is still HERE.  He still manages to put a smile on his face and he still continues to fight.
Despite all the hurdles and set backs last year Danny still had some pretty amazing highlights and adventures ~ Movies, Dive meets, Emma's wedding,  Cross country RV trip to CA (San Diego Zoo, NHRA museum, Vegas, Tanked, Kounts Kustom Cars, Grand Canyon), boating, swim parties, and hanging around friends and family........
Fun photos through Danny's 12th year ~
Kounts Kustom Cars
 San Diego Zoo

 In the casino

 Grand Canyon
 SN swim party
 Took Nurses out to dinner
 Emma's Wedding

 Fireman's picnic

 Farmer Market
 Cheering on & Hangin out with Av at her meet
 Great video of Av n Danny on the news
 Up North at the Shack for Thanksgiving
 13th Bday party Fun

 Christmas Eve celebrating with Great Grandpa & Ma at their new place
 Nanny and her Grandbabes ~ they're not so small anymore
Just SMILE!!!!

Here's to a wonderful year of memories! 

I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year!  May 2017 bring you and your family great things.

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