Monday, October 17, 2016

Boasting with Pride ~ She's Bulletproof

If the title didn't give it away .... this is going to be a brag post.  Seeing Av's Birthday is next week (she will be turning 14 on October 24) I find this fitting to show you my amazing daughter.

Doing it her way,  on her terms ~ Since DAY 1 !!  This girl never ceases to AMAZE me.
Deciding to come into this world 8 weeks premature and born with a blood disorder, severe anemia, jaundice and not knowing how to eat properly this lil spit fire has been defying odds and giving it all she has.  I remember seeing her fight for her life in an incubator wondering what the world had in store for her and after being told there was a very good possibility that she would be delayed socially and academically my anxiety and fear rose for what her future held.  Then terrifying me some more she found herself once again fighting for her life at the age of 6 when her body shut down and stopped reproducing red blood cells due to a virus when on a vacation in Florida.

Breaking the stereotype of being a home schooled child, she started the public school system at 2nd grade.  She proved the school system wrong that a girl her age could indeed be educated and socialized enough to be where she needed to be, not where they wanted her to be.  She didn't fit the age requirement as she was too young to be in 2nd grade, but they quickly found out she was up for the task if they just gave her the opportunity to shine.   Fast forward to today, she is still one of the youngest kids in 9th grade while in advanced classes and rocking it with straight A's and she has the most amazing bonds and friendships with her peers

Stepping on a diving board for the first time at age 9 in 4th grade, the Coach said that very first practice .... "She was a natural". She dives with the utmost grace and style.  She has 5 more meets to go but this small young Freshman is making a name for herself by ranking as the #1 diver out of all the High School divers.

She has a lot of adult worry with her brothers and mothers health in addition to our crazy family dynamics/support or lack there of and that breaks my heart.  But I hope she knows that her mother and father WILL ALWAYS have her back, support her and Love her.  The bond that she has with her brother is like none other and could never be replaced or replicated ~ those two have something "special".  Her brother who is her biggest fan will be with her forever and always cheering her on.

Her attributes are ~ She is her worst critic, She thrives for perfection, She's dedicated, She empathetic and She wears her heart on her sleeve....these also all could be her disadvantages at times.  Don't get me wrong she is still a growing teenager with an attitude, but I wouldn't want her any other way.

Dream BIG Baby Girl ~ You GOT THIS!
Love ~ Mom

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Anonymous said...

Lori, Your daughter is so awesome, talented, smart and compassionate, and I have never met her, Yet!! I can see it in her eyes, your eyes, Dan's eyes and her cool bro Danny's eyes. She is so loved and Loves so much. Prayers for her to continue her awesome journey in life, safe, healthy and happy. You Lori have a wonderful family, each of you four are positive role models for all to follow!!! Hugs from da Romittis!! Success Av with your diving !!!