Monday, August 17, 2015

So much to do and SO little time

We are dwindling down to our last few days left of summer and we still haven't finished everything we wanted to do yet.  I'm not sure we'll get it all done, but we sure will try.  I can't believe school starts in 2 weeks.  Tomorrow is picture and registration day for Ms Av (don't worry we'll still take pics of Danny here at the house for his school pics).....I HAVE AN 8th grader (and Danny would have been a 6th grader, last year of elementary), WOW -  Feeling old now!!!  Av is all ready for the start of school, supplies and outfits have been bought, now to get her schedule tomorrow.

We've had a few opportunities to hang out on the boat this summer :)

 Must be HOT out...look whose in shorts.  Damn, get the sunglasses out those legs glow ~ LOL

Av and I went had a mother daughter date in Madison to see Dancing with the Stars Live Tour.  We had a great time!!  
When driving down we passed through Oshkosh and got to see some of the EAA air show :)
 I don't care how old I get it's still exciting to see the blimp flying overhead
We saw a car that had a I RUN 4 decal in the window.... How cool is that?
 Our room
 Dinner was fabulous

 The Dancers were amazing!

 My "company" on the ride......PLUGGED IN ~ smh

We had the annual Dive mini golf and pool party ~  A fun time was had by ALL!  We are so blessed to have found not only an amazing sport that Av just shines at, but a sport that has a great group of kids and families they all are so caring and supportive.  I highly recommend giving our club a try!!

 Just love the shark watermelon made by Bailey

 No coach didn't have a diving accident, he had his neck fused so wearing his stylin collar in the hot summer heat.

 Bailey and Izzy stayed later and they played with glow sticks...... this is awesome!!!
Lites on
 Lites off

The very next day we had Pool Party #2....... Our Annual Special Needs swim
Look at this fabulous crew!!  It's so great Danny can have some fun summer time with his friends.  


 Awe !!!
 and then........
It was a great time to see and talk with our SN friends.  I haven't seen them in awhile.  

The pups got their summer do's  ~ By Jenna 
This was Sully's first hair cut and he did great....Alil shy but did well
Gunner is always a BIG transformation from the shaggy beast to a handsome boy
Ms B doesn't go to the groomers, she's beautiful anyway.  She gave us another scare where she wasn't able to get up and walk around for a couple days.  After a few days on some pain meds she bounced back to her old self.  We started her on a different glucosamine to help with her joint pain.  I know our time is limited with her.....we'll enjoy her with all the time we have left.

Danny sporting his EKG and heart halter Monitor ~

Danny did pretty good.  Nothing Major was found the theory from the Cardiologist side is Danny still isn't getting enough calories to support his body functions.  I don't think this rings true.  I really still think that unfortunately the Neurologists theory of his brain function is decreasing to be what the issue is.  It is what it is and we'll deal with whatever comes his way.

Av is working out on her new training regimen, but she is now working it at home

  cute, right?
 She's still into her tie dyeing, so watch out if there is anything white in this house.

Fun times with the Diving Club

Look whose Tshirt design made the advertisement page.... GO TEAM DANNY

Isn't this the cutest......Man I LOVE HER!!!

Our retail building is just about done and ready for Tenants.  We have one spot left, one spot will be a florist (yeah fresh flower for me) and I believe Little Caesars will be coming in too :)  Looking good!!!

We were off to Orlando for Diving Nationals in the dead heat of summer!  WOW was it HOT!!!  What an experience it was.  I was surprised at the place of venue....the last few years it has been in a beautiful facility/university....this year it was NOT.  It had an amazing diving well, but that's about all I can say nice about it.  It was dirty, run down, and the pool was in a glorified poll air in 100 degrees + and the roof leaked on the kids while they were on the board, which it rained ALOT while we were there.  Again it was an experience!!!  
Av placed 21st in the preliminaries on 1 meter spring board out of 42 girls in her age bracket.  She placed 5th in the preliminaries on 3 Meter advancing to the semi finals as the top 12 advance.  The semifinals were the same day as preliminaries but around 5pm.  It was a LONG day as she was up at 5am to get to morning practice by 6am, then she competed prelims right away in the morning has a small break to get some lunch and then back at the boards.  She placed 30th in semi finals.  
We're over the moon proud of her ~ She's already diving with the best of the US in only 3yrs of diving.  What a great season for her and she's ready to start on this season.  Here's to a GREAT year.
Here our photos from our time in Orlando ~
Hitting the road
 My nephew Tyler came with us

Av's BIGGEST fan!  It was so hot he was just coping, but ended waking up over heated and seizing...sigh
 Tami and Av
 3 Musketeers !!


 looks impressive at a glance but look at pool bottom,  roof leaked, HOT inside, didn't keep the bathrooms clean, screens torn and falling out. Oh and my favorite they ran out of cold water in the afternoon, What The

 I thought maybe it was stained but nope just not cleaned..... YUCK!

We got professional photos done again of Av while she was diving....can't wait to get them back and show you all :)

 If it was this HOT outside I can only imagine how hot it was inside that building

We went to Daytona Speedway

 The winner of the Daytona Race loses their car for one year to be on display.  It still has champagne stains and confetti stuck to it :)

Then it was to the beach to cool off ~
 So cool we could drive right onto the beach

 awe ~ puppy love

For those that know me, I'm not a fan of the ocean.  I think it's beautiful and all but there are things in there that can eat ME!!!  Plus not at all liking the sticky drying salt water.   But my BIGGEST fear happened while Tyler and Av were in the ocean....yeap, I saw a dorsal fin near where they were swimming.  Thankfully it was only a dolphin, but .....scared the hell out of me at first.  If you look towards the upper left almost at the end you'll see it pop up ~ EEEEEP!!!

We went to the Kennedy Space Center and I was amazed at all the stuff that was there.  Everyone had a great time.  I had thought it would be an hour or 2 to see, but after spending the WHOLE afternoon there until it closed we still didn't see everything.

 Danny what did you have to drink?

 Of course they had to get astronaut food :)

 Atlantis suspended in air inside the was SO COOL!!

 Danny meet a real live Astronaut ~ AWESOME!!  Astronaut Donald Thomas
 Bet that poor person was melting away in the outfit

On the way home we stopped in Ocala FL at the Don Garlits drag car and antique auto museum.  The boys were in heaven!!  We ALL found cars that we really would like to have

 Motor Room

 We were at the museum March '06 with the kids on our way back from our condo.  This photo is of then and now :)

I hope you enjoyed our trip and the rest of our summer.  Dan and I will be hitting the road once again this weekend to head to Bristol, TN to watch the nascar race...his fathers day and birthday present.  I will post how that went and how the start of school goes.  Thanks for following us!!

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