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We are HERE ~ Epic blogger failure

Well I guess the old saying news is good news.  We've been very busy over here enjoying the summer.  I can't believe it's almost half over with and the last half is going to be just as crazy as the first half was.
I'll do my best to update you on all that's been going on.
First off Av is now a 8th grader ~ Oh MY!!  She did a fabulous job in 7th grade 2 B+'s and the rest A's for the year.  She just amazes me and I couldn't be more proud.

 Check out these two ~ man are they growing up so fast.  Av and Evelyn
Right after school ended Av went to Imago Dei Campgrounds with her church confirmation class for a week.  

Av's diving career has gotten her once again to Nationals.  This year it's going to be held in Orlando, FL the first week of August, it should be an interesting trip.  Zones was held in Iowa this year the end of June/beginning of July.  She placed 7th in the 3M competition and 6th in 1M.  The top 10 kids advance to Nationals :)  After Zones Av and 3 other of her diving club team mates went to a week long diving camp right there at Iowa University.  She continues to push herself in learning new dives and still LOVES being in Iowa, she can't wait to become a Hawkeye for College.
Here are some pics of our Iowa Trip ~
This is how we roll ~ aka ICU on wheels
 Danny's spot
 Av's spot
 Danny is Av's biggest FAN!!
 Iowa has a beautiful facility
 Bet that hawkeye looks cool from the 10M platform
 Unfortunately Coachie was not able to attend the Zones competition this year as he had to have neck/spine surgery and he was still recovering, but Thankfully Coach Tami was there to coach the crew on :)
 1M = 7th place out of 28 girls, way to go!!

 Some Tami and Danny bonding time
Placed 6th out of 27 on 3M ~ advancing to Nationals !!
 SHE ROCKS!!!!  Orlando here we come
 These two are a pair of cards I tell ya!!
 This has to be the best margarita EVER....Black n Blue and YUMMY!!  And the steak dinner at Long horn steakhouse was just as fantastic
 We had to go to the mall and start Av's Hawkeye apparel collection :)  As of now she has her heart set on going to Iowa for college and diving as a Hawkeye
Nice hat Danny!!
Doesn't he look cool in these glasses
 Checking in at the college dorms for Diving Camp
 Av and her roommate Ella who is new to the Fox Valley Dive glad she came along
 Evan, Av, Matt, and Ella all ready for Camp....Fox Valley Dive was represented well at camp
 While they went to camp Dan, Danny, and myself stayed in the RV at the Coralville Lake campsites and just relaxed.  We stayed in the Dam Complex of the lake and it was beautiful place.  If Av does end up going to Iowa for College we'll definitely stay there again.  We had a wonderful time, ate great food, and visited some of the Iowa sites.
The Dam Complex

This cardinal was very neighborly by tapping on our window on the RV and the van everyday ALOT!  He was always around

There was also Deer around all the time too, it was so tranquil to be there\

 Amana Colonies ~ was interesting.  I bet back in the day it was more authentic but it really wasn't what we thought it was going to be.  Other then some old buildings and a Amish Furniture store it was disappointing.  Everyone was telling us you have to go to the Amish place and I hadn't seen ONE Amish family, person, horse n buggy.  It was a very modernized area.  We saw it, but can't say we'll be back.  With the older buildings MOST of the places Danny couldn't even get into.

 MOM!!!  That ice cream is COLD
 We drove up to Waterloo to visit the John Deere Museum.  Very Nice!!

 Dan trying to make some horsepower

 Danny was punching into work

On a side note....we couldn't help but think of our good neighbor Allen, the farmer that lives behind our old house while we were in the John Deere Museum as Allen as a HUGE collection himself.  He was so kind as to let us use or he'd come over with some of his equipment for our house projects and even took Av out on the combine during harvesting (not sure who had the most fun Av or Allen, heehee).  Well just a few days ago sweet Allen passed away suddenly at home.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Patti and the rest of his family.  I know he's riding a BIG John Deere in the will me missed dearly Allen rest in peace my friend.
Back to our trip ~
Dan LOVES BBQ and this place was so good we had to go there 2 times :)  I even enjoyed it and I'm not into BBQ that much

 You can't keep us away from one of these too long, LOL.

 this photo is on the wall showing how the flooding in 2008 effected this laundromat
 They also have this showing where the water level was inside the store ~ YIKES!
Av's PT has now turned into more of a strength and conditioning therapy which seems to be benefiting her more with her knee pain then the traditional PT we've tried.  Not only is is helping her knees but she's becoming stronger to execute her dives better.  

Extra bonus is now PT Josh works with Danny also.  I've heard great things from PT Peter and Danny's massage therapist about how well his range is getting since Josh started Astim with Danny.  I was alil worried, but hearing all the great results I'm so excited to have another person helping on Danny's team.

Mid May Ms Bailey gave us a scare.  She was very sick, throwing up multiple times in a short period, stopped eating n drinking anything and was so weak she couldn't walk.  She is almost 15 and I've never seen her like that ever so I thought maybe it was her time..........

With a heavy heart we took her to the vet, not knowing if she'd be coming home with us.  Nothing seemed wrong with her labs and the exam went well.  They gave her a anti-nausea shot and we brought her home.  She improved everyday and is back to her old self.  Not today.....NOT today!!

Dan and I went to the broadway show ~ Dirty Dancing.  It was a great show! 

Meet Ms Rosalie !!!  Baby #7 from our nurses that have worked with Danny.  DO NOT DRINK OUR WATER ~ lol.  Isn't see a DOLL!!  Love getting our baby fixes......Danny is an excellent babysitter.
 Ms Aleana came back from maternity leave when we came back from Iowa :)
While Aleana was out playing with the baby, I got to have my partner in crime back out n about with me :)  Love hanging out with my Lil Man!! 

We've been spending some relaxing hours out on the boat :)

 We got back from Iowa the evening of July 2, had 24 hours to flip her luggage, and on July 4th in the am Av was off for a week long Brigade camp at Onaway.  Yes she is ALWAYS busy!!

 She had a blast and made some new friends.  I'm glad she had fun, but I missed my sassy frass
Happy 4th from The Osero's

 Have trache/vent he WILL SWIM!!  Danny's spent some chillaxing time in the pool already this year.  As you can see he's very stressed, lol

 Danny has been dealing with back to back c diff once again :(  but after 3 different rounds of antibiotics I believe he is on the right track to recovery.  We noticed in his trachea during a trache change that he has a growth (granuloma) growing inside causing him some discomfort.  We are trying a steroid cream to see if it shrinks with that instead of cauterizing or surgically removing it, cross your fingers!!  This week he went for a follow up appt with his cardio doc and things are ok in the heart front....the valve in the left side is alil "leaker" then last time but the over all function is better.  There was talk about a pacemaker, but the cardio doc doesn't feel it's necessary at this time, phew!  Last week we took Danny to have his Baclofen pump refilled and have a follow up appt with is Neurologist.  Putting the pieces of the puzzle together we are finding alot of Danny's cardiac issues are brain driven.  Unfortunately the hypothalamus function (part of the brain that controls the automatic function ie, heart, lungs, temps, ect.) has decreased.  Nothing we wanted to hear, BUT not surprising either.  He's my fighter and we'll just find more new normal's for him you can bet on that.

The building in Oshkosh is nearing completion. We hope to have our first tenants in by August.  Dan talked to another prospective tenant today so things are on the move to getting the building full :)
I can only imagine what new projects he'll think he need to do after this venture it completed.

This weekend is full of pool parties for us.  Saturday is the annual mini golf and pool dive team party and Sunday is the annual special needs swim.  I can't wait for both of them, I hope the weather cooperates!

I hope this finds you well and you are enjoying your summers.  Stay tuned I'll try to update sooner the next time.

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