Sunday, December 15, 2013

Party ~ it's always exciting

He's ONE IN A MINION ALRIGHT ~ Crowned head Minion
The cake I made him ~ along with Avrianna's help.  She made the Twinkie Minions :)

 Yesterday we had Danny's birthday party.  I can't believe that in about 1 week he is going to be 10.  AMAZING!!  I can't say the party went like I had planned it to, but then again what does.  LOL.

This party, I believe, was our smallest group we've had for his party.  I had invited 80 people, about 44 were going to come and due to illness' 30 people were here.  It was a wonderful group and we definitely had lots of food to eat with the last minute cancellations.  It's SO GREAT to get together with these families.  They are wonderful people that we are truly blessed to have them as our friends.

Our first guest to arrive.  Danny's girlfriend Wyllow.  Isn't she a doll!!  I'm happy to say that Danny's Special Needs Columbia car seat/stroller has found a new home.  Doesn't Wyllow look like a big girl in there :)   I Love that she will put it to good use.

About 30 minutes after the party started.  The BIG MAN from The North Pole came to visit.  Santa has come to all of the parties we've had for Danny....blizzards and ALL he has come!!  We LOVE this man ~ What a heart of Gold!!

Here's some pics of Santa and the kids ~ He's so good with them :)

 Madi and Henry
 Jacob ~ that smile says it ALL!!
 My Other One in a Minion ~ Avrianna
 Just warms my heart!!!
 Thank you SO MUCH Santa for coming to make Danny's party extra special!

Danny with his "Girls" ~  All four nurses together in one place!!  Of course I'm going to to take a photo.  I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate everything you girls do with Danny.  We wouldn't be the family we are today without you.  We LOVE you all very much and we are SO BLESSED to have you in our lives.

 What was to be a party and celebration took a terrible turn.  Just as we were finishing up some photos we notice that my 81 grandfather was looking very pale, diuretic, and for a few moments even passed out.

 Dan went into EMT mode and the 4 nurses went to work until the other EMT's and ambulance arrived.  So the party got alil bigger with the extra medical help. A HUGE Thank you to our nurses for being there and stepping in to help.
I moved the party downstairs to keep the kids occupied and so they wouldn't freak out.  They had fun watching a movie, Despicable Me 2 (of course).  Once the ambulance left along with 6 of my family members we were back into entertaining mode, but with ALOT more extra food.  Too bad the EMT's didn't stay for dinner.
Danny wasn't the happiest Minion as the party went on, so we put him in his daddy's recliner, took some pictures and sang Happy Birthday so we could cut the cake.      
 Singing Happy Birthday!

The party was a success, but I have to say I was thankful today was a low key day for us.  Lots of excitement over here, planned and unplanned.  I was alil bummed that with all the commotion that I didn't get a group photo of Santa and all the kids together like I have in years past.  At least we were able to get the ones we did get.  Until next year!!
Grandpa is doing well...they discharged him from the hospital that night with really no answers as to why or what happened.  I'm sure there are a few things that play a factor in what went on here at the house but thankfully the tests for his heart and such came back good.  I know what I saw and it wasn't just from low blood sugars or a GI thing.  We'll see.....kinda makes me wish I was at the hospital with him to get more to the bottom of this.  It's not my first time at that kind of rodeo, lol.

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