Monday, December 2, 2013

Danny Is going to be 10!! Birthday Card Shower

Wow my baby is going to be 10!!

For the 2nd year we are going to do a Birthday Card Shower for Danny's birthday.  If you want to send him a card for his BIG 10 we'll save it and open all the cards on his big day.

This is the 2nd year of Birthday Card Showers!!
As most of you guys know Danny has overcome and still faces many medical challenges during his short time here. Danny has his 10th Birthday coming up on Dec 23rd. I have people always asking what can I "get" him. He LOVES for us to read to him and when I saw this idea from a FB friend in which they had a card shower for her son, I thought what a wonderful idea. 
I am asking everyone that can to please drop a card, or a piece of paper with a Happy Birthday Message or maybe even have your children color a picture for him.
I ask you to take the time and help me celebrate Danny's B-day by sending a birthday wish through the mail. Thank You so much in advance for your thoughtfulness, you all are amazing! Feel free to send them whenever before Dec23rd and I will save them all up for his BIG day ♥

The Address to send his cards to is ~ 2686 Towerview Dr Neenah, WI  54956

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