Friday, August 16, 2013

Where as the Summer gone??

2 week left of summer......WOW!  It sure doesn't feel like summer is ending.  Man does the time FLY BY!!  School registrations, pictures, and open houses are just around the corner.  Didn't they just get out of school.

Avrianna had her first time around the new school the beginning of August where they gave them a mock schedule to see what it's like to move around, she got her locker with com, and learned she will be in the Enterprise "house" for the next year.  She was alil bummed as this house has the leasr amount of teachers then the other houses......she was looking forward to having different teachers.  I told her she has alot of years ahead of her with tons of different teachers.  Avrianna has registration next week and there she will get her real schedule and then the week after that they have open house at the school where she can look around more and fill up her locker.   I believe we are done with the school shopping for clothes and supplies :)  She went into see the Dr for the vaccines she needs for 6th grade, poor bug got her shots the day she went to the dentist to have work done in her mouth which required lots of shots....she was a trooper though.  Avrianna is now wearing daily contacts instead of the ones she wore at nite.  I hope there will be less issues with getting her to wear these softer ones.  So far so good!!

Once again I'm at a cross roads with Danny and school.  I KNOW he will NOT be going into the school setting, but I'm pondering on if I continue them to come out to the house.  Danny is so hit and miss with either him nothing feeling good or if he's sleeping.  I absolutely LOVE his teacher and therapist....I just don't want to waste their time.  Danny seems to have plateaued with his abilities (school wise).  We have just about everything we can think of to help him right here at the house and the nurses do well with using the resources we have here for him.  I enjoy them coming out to the house ...... so is it more for me then for Danny? LOL

Danny has been a mystery here and there.  We have an appt with Urology next week to see if he has any ideas as to why all of a sudden Danny is getting UTI's.  We've been into see the ENT for his ears as both of them will actively start to bleed.....for what reasons we do not know.  And last week this shows up all over his scars................

 Theory is there was Whey in one of the formula supplements I had given him and it was a reactions to that.  OR he has been "off" the last week + with crying and irritability (again no answers as to why) so maybe it was a virus that broke and ended with the hives.  I guess some virus' can do that?  But why only on his scars??
My medical enigma  :)  He's so damn cute!!

We are having issues with the carpet in our house.......what else is new with this house, sigh.  Man this is getting REALLY old!!  Back in December I found this in the middle of our living room floor.  My first thought was to blame one of the dogs....why not?  We had it repaired and then more n more were showing up.  You'd think I would see them doing this, I should see fibers laying around, or at least in their poop when I pick it up.  NOPE none of the that.  We know have 3 upstairs and 3 holes downstairs.  UGH!!  The fibers are just GONE.  I went to the carpet place to let them know how unhappy I was about the holes and to look at getting new carpet.  Now the theory is there could be a flaw in the carpet adhesive.  We'll see what comes of all this, but either way I'm not looking forward to recarpeting the house.  Blah!!

 New carpet ideas, have prompted new furniture for the living room :)  I got a sectional when we first moved in and it has been driving Dan NUTS from day one.  The room is an octagon shape and to fit an L shape sectional in there really doesn't work well.  So I had separated the pieces showing some of the hardware on some of the sides and Dan didn't like it at all.
Well there is NO MORE of that.......

 Yesterday I took Avrianna and my nephew to Wisconsin Dells at Noah's Ark.  It was alil cooler, but it turned out to be a great day with the lines ..... well there really was NO lines.  They got to do all the rides that were open at least once mostly twice and even more on some.  All those rides and we still were out of there about 4.  The sun felt great!!  That water was COLD!!!!!
 right before the wall of water was going to hit them :)  they are standing in the middle

 I watched on this ride - Someone had to take the picture :)

 All those death defying rides and they both loved the zip tie over the pool.  All I kept thinking about was the movie "Grown Up's", lol


 Where's the Waldo's??
 Found them

 I did a good job "supervising".  I went on most of the rides Once.  Then that was enough for me.  Sitting in the that's my zen.  
 Since we had time and we didn't want to go home right away.....we went to some other Dells sights.
Top Secret.  The upside down white house.  I have to say......DUMB!!  Not worth the money.  We went at $5 ea (normal is $12, I believe) and it wasn't worth the $5 we paid.  The coolest part is the outside in my opinion.

 Then we went on the "Duck" boats.  Now that was FUN!!  We had a great tour guide.
 And look who got to be the drivers co pilots?
 On Land
 And on Water
 Beautiful scenery!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers.   

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