Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yesterday was the BIG day! We were admitted on Monday afternoon into Rm#407. It was so nice to be able to come in the night before and get settled in. It's so difficult to be here at 6am. Seeing we were admitted earlier, We were able to get Danny's baclofen Pump increased to help with spasticity and spams for the back fusion, Danny got all of his breathing treatments done early before they took him down into the OR, and we both got a good nites sleep. Man yesterday could have been even more draining if I would have has to get up at 2ish to do all his cares and get on the road early enough to be here on time. The waiting game was very difficult. My mom and Danny's nurse, Gail, came down to sit with me during the surgery. We went out for lunch to The Cheesecake Factory which was a nice break from the hospital life and staring at the clock. They wheeled Danny down to the OR at 8:30am, about every 2 hrs they called me with a progress report, and 10 hrs later I got to see those handsome cheeks again. It was a shocker to see him at first as his face was SO swollen. When you lay flat on your tummy for that long, and they give you fluids all the fluid pools. So those round cheeks were even more round with the biggest lips/tongue I've ever seen. Thankfully, most of all the swelling has already gone away in the last 24 hrs. Danny did amazing in the OR room. He behaved himself and listened to his mommy. As I told him to NOT give the Drs grief. He required only 1 blood transfusion which that alone is a shocker. They had thought at least 2 or 3 units would have been needed. The only real hiccup...if you call it that, is his bones are very soft. Softer then they had thought. So more screws were needed to get the stationary rods to seed in. If I remember correctly the surgeon said Danny is now the proud owner of 24 screws and 4 hooks along with the 2 rods, one on each side of his spine. I am really interested in seeing what his back looks like. His whole back is bandaged up so I can only imagine what it looks like under there. I didn't realize that to remove the VEPTR rods the surgeon had to reopen the old incisions...the two large ones up on his shoulder blades and the two large ones on his hips. So he has those 4 incisions and one very large one that runs from his neck all the way down to his bumm. He has 2 drains coming out of his back right now, but they should come out on Friday along with a dressing change so I will be able to see what his back looks like. The true visual will be the first full X-ray. I know I'm weird but I like to see everything we are dealing with. Tomorrow PT will be coming in to sit him up and then we will transfer into his chair for about an hour. Is that not amazing! His back has been filleted open, screwed with (literally), and they are going to sit him up and put him in his chair within day 2. Wow!! What's more Surprising to me is, I bet he could have done it already today. He is already off all iv pain meds, he has tolerated all position changes without so much as a moan, he has even coughed and nothing but smiles. He's been awake and smiley ALL day. I really don't think he understands the magnitude of his surgery yesterday. He is a ROCK STAR!! I am speechless with how well he is doing. Heck everyone is pleasantly surprised with my super man. Makes me wonder if the VEPTR rods were that uncomfortable to him that now he feels better. I'm not sure why he is doing so great, but I'll take it!! I'm kinda scared for Friday. As he is going back in the OR in the afternoon to have his baclofen pump replaced. This is to be the easier surgery of the 2 and I'm just afraid we are going to awake the sleeping giant and things will get nuts. I hope that he continues to prove me wrong and comes out of this next surgery doing amazing too. We will be home in no time if this recovery process stays on course. I shouldn't even taunt myself with the big discharge word as I know all too well how bad things could turn around here, but with what I've seen from Danny today one can't help themselves to get excited. Woot woot. Go Danny!! Dan came down to see his rock star son today. I am so glad Danny is doing so well and got to strut his stuff off to his daddy. I know Dan was pretty worried, as we all were. Dan and Avrianna are coming down on Saturday to visit. I hope he can show off for his sister too. She would be totally excited if I could tell her we will be home sooner then later. She really loves and worries about her Lil brother. She's so good to him :) Thanks for stopping by and checking on Danny. All of your thoughts and prayers have worked. I am forever grateful for your support. Stay tuned for round 2 in a few days

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