Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baclofen pump replacement

Danny is now done with going back into the OR. This is something I can't even wrap my brain around. Here's a boy that has had aprrox 30 surgeries already in his lifetime and now there is NONE in sight. The only thing I can think of is replacing the baclofen pump again in six more years. Oh, what will we do with ourselves. I just can't fathom Danny not needing any more surgeries. How awesome is that?!? I do believe I will find better things to due with our time, then hanging out in the hospital. I'm just so excited!! Now NO ONE can tell Danny this, as I'm sure he'll find something to throw at us. Mums the word .... You hear me?! Yesterday's baclofen pump replacement was text book. In and out within about an hour. They went in through the old scar and popped the old pump out of the pocket it sat in. Seeing the catheter wasn't damaged or displaced during the spinal fusion they didn't need to monkey around with that. Which was great as if they were going to do anything with the catheter they would have had to reopen part of the fusion incision. EEEECK!!! The new pump is alil bigger then the old one. His last pump was held 20 and this one is the 40. It's just alil bigger in size but holds double the medicine. So they needed to cut the pocket open to allow more room for the bigger puck. They closed him up and he's now good to go for another 6 yrs. For alil boy that has 2 ver painful surgeries, you wouldn't know it. Today all he's had for pain control is 1 dose of Tylenol. Yes you heard me, AMAZING! He's been pretty wretchy today, which you think would be very painful as half of his tummy is opened up and his back is ...... Well there isn't much of it that doesn't have an incision across it. If you were to just see the body he's in pretty rough shape, but look at the boy you'll see something pretty astonishing. He continues to show off for the medical staff and to his mommy n daddy. I had really thought this was going to be a VERY VERY long haul not only in the hospital, but also the recovery time at home. Hell I wasn't sure I'd ever have the same Lil boy I know and love, after His body was abused like this. But he is showing off, don't tell him what he can and can't do. Really the only "problem" we have run into is his bowels, hence the bloated tummy and him being wretchy. The poor dude has gotten 3 enemas in the last few days along with me massaging his tummy and ......NOTHING. The Dr tried to "help" the process this am, but really no results came of that. So instead of another enema or a molasses enema (gross, but very effective- you'll never look at a cookie the same way again) they put in a rectal tube. We did get some results from that so looks like we'll hold off on the molasses for now. Danny's issues are due to a very tight rectum so they are checking into possibly doing Botox, down yonder, to help him. It just floors me how in the world he can't push out liquid. Cuz his stool is always very loose but he just won't let it out. Pretty talented if you ask me......I can't do it, lol. As it is now, we are still looking at being discharged on Monday already, again I'm flabbergasted. I had planned and prepared to be here at least 2 maybe 3 weeks and here we are going home after 6 days......6 DAYS!! He tolerates, and enjoys being in his chair, he's incisions are doing fabulous, he's a ROCK STAR! Today Dan and Avrianna came down to visit us. It's so great to see them. I miss them So much. But I'm so happy they get along so well together that I don't have to worry when I'm not there. Those 2 are two peas in a pod. I couldn't have asked for a better father daughter relationship, then they have now. Now if they can keep it, that will be the true test....yes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and they BOTH can be very hard headed and opinionated. I will have my work cut out for me :). Yesterday Danny and I had a surprise visit from Ruthie and Pastor Mode from the church we looking at joining, Our Savior's. It was so nice to see them. It warmed my heart they took time out of their busy schedules to come down and meet US. I have NEVER so much as received a visit, phone call, or letter from the church I grew up in and my children are members since we were all born for any of the hospitalizations that my family have gone through. And here's a church that went out of their way to meet my main Lil Man. Only good thing can from this church, I feel. They are very welcoming, friendly, and have tons going on for the children. So far I like what I see. Tonight Avrianna is performing in church with the chimes. Yes, miss busy body has taken on chimes in church and the youth choir on top of Sunday school and she's loving it :). I really wish I could have been there for her first time, but there will be other times and I guess Dan is entitled to a few firsts too :! Thanks for following us. Your support and prayers have been greatly appreciated. You guys have helped me through some pretty rough and scary times. I don't know what I would do without you. I hope to be updating my next post from the comforts of my home. I will update with the photos of our hospital stay once we are home. As the hospital network doesn't allow me to download pictures on the blog, but I have posted many of the pics o. FB, if you want to check them out sooner. Off to get some dinner and ice cream (YES! Froedert got ice cream back in the cafe). Then I'm going to chill out in Danny's bed to watch the Packer game and some episodes of Dallas. Yes, I went out and got the whole collect of the 14 seasons of "Dallas". It kinda neat to watch these now that I'm older. Avrianna is even getting into watching them.

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