Thursday, December 20, 2012

9th Birthday Celebration

There are really no words needed on this post :)  Each and every year I try and host a Birthday party to celebrate another year we get to spend with Danny by having his friends and their families over.  Some years unfortunately (we didn't have a party for 3 of his birthday's) we did have cancel do to illness' but weather has NEVER stopped these families from coming and let me tell you there has been more bad weather during our parties then good.  If my memory is correct 4 out of the 6 parties were being held in a blizzard.  It's an amazing time!!
This years theme was the movie "UP"
Danny's cake that I made ~ I did cheat this year and bought the fondant pieces to put on the cake. 
 Danny and his BFF Griffin.....
 BFF Ryan ~ that smile always MAKES my day :)
 Looky here we have the 3 Stooges
 He's Here He's HERE!!!  Every year we've had a party Santa has come to each and EVERY ONE.  I found out that this year he even missed his granddaughters party to be here with us.  God I LOVE Santa!  I don't know what we'd do if he wasn't here to help us celebrate.
 Santa's Little Helper :)
 Every year I go out and get alil something for Santa to give out at Danny's party

After all the the gifts are handed out Santa sticks around for everyone to get a family picture with him 

 The Whole '12 9th Birthday crew ~
Nicholas, Jeromy, Griffin, Santa, Ryan, Danny, Avrianna, Ila, Raymond, Payton, Emerson, Charlie, Noah, Sarah, Brayden, and Gabriel.  And we know that our ^angels^ up above were here to help celebrate Danny's special day too.
After all the pictures and gifts, we put in the Movie "UP" and fed our faces.  We had a "pot luck" style dinner as I made Hot Beef, shredded Turkey, and Hot Ham then the families made a dish to pass to go with it.
In Lieu of gifts for Danny we chose a special organization to donate items to.  This year we chose "The Princess Kylee Project" .  The program was started by a wonderful mom after her Lil Princess, Kylee, passed away.  The project donated to the local hospitals items to the patient and family member to help them feel alil more comfortable with their stay.  The items range from health n beauty  products, jammies, toys, writing materials, and gift cards.  Feel free to go to the website.

Happy Birthday Lil Man!!  Hope you had an amazing party.

 Thanks again Santa for another wonderful birthday party
 I think he enjoyed his party........Don't you!
Please remember if you interested in participating in Danny's Birthday Card Shower.......please send him a card at 2686 Towerview Dr Neenah, WI  54956 and we are going to open all his cards up on his birthday on Dec 23rd.

**As most of you guys know Danny has overcome and still faces many medical challenges during his short time here. Danny has his 9th Birthday coming up on Dec 23rd. I have people always asking what can I "get" him. He LOVES for us to read to him and when I saw this idea from a FB friend in which they had a card shower for her son, I thought what a wonderful idea. 
I am asking everyone that can to please drop a card, or a piece of paper with a Happy Birthday Message or maybe even have your children color a picture for him.
I ask you to take the time and help me celebrate Danny's B-day by sending a birthday wish through the mail.
Thank You so much in advance for your thoughtfulness, you all are amazing! Feel free to send them whenever before Dec 23rd and I will save them all up for his BIG day
If you know of anyone that would be interested .... please share :)
The More the Merrier! **

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Wenni Donna said...

What a pretty cake and cup cakes! Is it a Christmas theme birthday party? We celebrated Easter at one of the lavish event venues last month. Cookies baked by my mother were yummy. Dinner, luncheon and brunch all were exotic. Liked the open spaced music party with bits of dancing and merriment time with all.