Monday, November 14, 2016

Wisconsin STATE Champion!! **UPDATED with video at end**

I'm so PROUD ~ her hard work and dedication definitely showed on Saturday at the State competetion.
Av competed against 24 of Wisconsin's top divers and .......


Av is the BEST DIVER in the state of Wisconsin.  Way to GO Baby Girl!  Dream Big and reach for the stars.
Here are some photos of her incredible day!
 Practice in the pool before getting on the bus
 Team practiced and ready to GO
 Good LUCK Neenah Girls

 Loaded and State Bound
 Team Dinner
 UW ~ Madison Pool
 Av's cheerleading squad was READY!!
 Av and her fellow Diver n BFF Lydia ~ It was great that Lydia could be there to support her
 Some screen shots of the LIVE feed that was streaming

 Danny didn't go as he wasn't feeling the best yet, but his nurse sent us photos to cheer Av on
 The swim team cheering her on from the stands
1st place goes to ........

AV OSERO !!!!!

First freshman to win state in 10yrs, the first freshman for Coach to win state and in the top 4 record highs for state.
woot woot
 What an amazing dive duo!  Words can't express how emotional this was for all of us.
 Nanny was there to watch and cheer her on!  SO amazing she was there to celebrate with us
 Mom and Dad ~ Boasting with PRIDE!!
 Bus ride home ~

 Nice article in the Paper

 Some R&R time relaxing at coachie's house the next day!!
Starting this journey back in 2012 despite my reservations.....Guess Coach was right as at her first practice he leaned over and told me "She's a Natural"
Awe look how small she is
Taking on the Wisconsin State Title in just 4 short years.  These two are going places!
What an incredible start to her dive career!!

Here is the video of her Sectional and State Champion meet that will be submitted to All -American. 

Friday, November 4, 2016


Wow do I have a lot to catch up on!!  The Osero household fell down with a nasty cold virus that hit everyone including some nurses.  Not the best time as there has been SO MUCH going on, but really is there ever a good time to get sick.  We pulled through and are on the mend but still not running on all cylinders.  Danny started it!!  He got it first, and I'm not sure how he got it, but man was it ugly.  Coughing, snotty everywhere, on oxygen, junky, and seizures.....he was a mess, but thankfully we were able to keep him home and not have to take him down to CHOW, despite the push from the doctors.  Then it hit me and Ms Emma with soar throats, snot and congestion.  I finally got my voice back yesterday, everyone was thrilled that I couldn't talk and made fun of the noises I made when I tried....feeling the love ~ LOL.  Dan is still hanging onto his cold and Av seems to have been effected the least this time around with just some congestion.  I just got word that Ms Aleana is now out with it too, WHEN WILL IT END!!

First off Congrats to the Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series.  You WENT ALL THE WAY!  How cool that we are around to witness that!!  108 years in the making ~ what a great game all the way to the end

Ok now let's get this started ~ 

Av went to her first Homecoming Dance and boy was she beautiful.  In the morning she was in the pool at West Bend diving in their invite (which she placed 1st at) and then it was home to get ready for photos, dinner and dancing!  When did Homecoming become so formal?  Boy have things changed since I went to school
 Av n Mya ~ this is SO THEM
 Simply beautiful
Table all decorated for their sit down dinner of Chinese
 Turned out to be Pizza downstairs at the bar as the boys couldn't figure out what they wanted to eat ~ get used to it girls.....this is only the beginning ~ LOL
 Couldn't start the evening without saying good nite to her brother
She was home around 12:45am and had a blast!! 
On the diving front Av is doing phenomenal.  It's the end of her Freshman year and she continues to be ranked #1 diver of Wisconsin with her scores.  She has taken 1st place in 14 of the dive meets and 2nd in 2 of the meets.  She won in the diving conference and the Sectional meet is this evening, which is about the same meet competition as in conference so I for see her doing well tonite.  She has definitely caught the attention of many this year.  Watch out ~ she has 3 more years to go, can't wait to see how she progresses through the years.  Stop by the Neenah High School Friday the 4th and see the divers in action ~ I hope to see you there.  We are looking for a BIG Cheer squad for Team Av down at the State Meet in Madison at the UW pool on November 12th (pool opens at 9, meet starts at 10).  She has potential to take the state title already this year....come on over and she what she can do.  I'm sure no matter how it ends it will be an amazing time and experience.  STATE BOUND!!  Here are 2 articles that she was interviewed on so far this season 
From the West Bend paper ~
 The Post Crescent ~

She's 14!!  Av's birthday was on a Monday this year so the weekend before she had some friends over to celebrate with pizza, cake, presents, and a bonfire.  Then on Monday Dan and I took her out for dinner at her favorite restaurant, Hu Hot, and we surprised her by having some of her friends waiting for her there.  Av and I met with Ms Sarah and Ms Emma at a painting studio to try out our artistic abilities.  I've never done that before and it was a fun time...something we'll have to do again.
Grey's anatomy themed cake
The fire was too BIG and HOT for marshmallows or hot dogs, but they enjoyed the bonfire
 The Art Spot ~
 Not Too Shabby
 Happy Birthday ~ as smiley as she could be on a Monday morning at 5am getting ready to leave for early morning practice
 She's so beautiful!
 Singing the Happy Birthday song at the grill ~ she gets so embarassed

Av's confirmation was last weekend.  I'm so proud of her.....she went to class had an open mind and completed confirmation class.  In this day in age it's definitely the path less traveled.  At least I was able to educate her with the tools and a foundation so she can make her own choices with her spiritual path in life.  
 2016 Confirmation class
 Av's Faith Statement
 "Uncle Tim" her God Father
 4 Generations of strong women
 Very Proud Parents
 Av and her cake ~ thanks for the design save Av...I loved working on it with you

Starting a little over a month ago ~ Danny has been dealing with a nasty abscess that we initially took him to the ER for as we've never seen one on him before.  Unfortunately it's in a not so nice spot so I will spare you the photos.  Thankfully and surprisingly the local ER doctor and surgeon on call were refreshingly helpful with Danny.  No one freaked out with the boy in a wheelchair on a ventilator ~ it was so nice.  Definitely going to be requesting both of them when we have to go back.  The surgeon came in an was so nice not only to me and our home nurse but acknowledged Danny and HIS needs.  He was able to drain the abscess with a local right there in the ER room and we were sent home.  Not only was the surgeon amazing during our ER visit but with the following recovery days there afterwards....even got us into his office, same day with no appointment, to redrain the abscess when it filled back up.  To keep an open gauze packed wound clean for weeks straight in the down yonder area on Danny was alil tricky but it finally is healing and the wound is now closed. Hopefully we won't have to deal with that again, but the doctor stated once one shows it's more likely that another on will show up :(
Along with the abscess Danny is recovering from a UTI, Ear infection, Strep, Tracheitis, and pneumonia....I told you he was a hot mess.  He is having more good days then bad so I am inclined to say he is on the mend fighting this all off instead of it fighting him.  I can't begin to tell you how amazing Danny's home nurse team is with him.  They are hands down THE BEST and when things get real around here they step up to the plate and cater to Danny's needs.  I don't know where we would be without them.
Last week we went to trache/vent clinic and I was pleasantly surprised that the doctors didn't want to change anything around.  We had a pop up appt with his cardiologist to double check his heart function do to his recent illnesses, meds, and symptoms.  I'm happy to say his heart function is still stable, but once again we surprisingly found another heart complication that the medical team has known about but failed to tell us right away.  Next week we have an appt with his new Urologist as Danny's as now retired.  I've heard good things about the new one, so I'm excited to see what he has to offer in with Danny's cares.

Trick or Treating was once again a bust with Danny.  I can't remember a Halloween where he wasn't sick :(  Being sick doesn't give him a free pass from me getting him into his costume.  Nope ~ I still torture him.  Despite being sick......he maybe the cutest Superman EVER.  His side kick Superwoman, went out with her boyfriends family around their neighborhood for a little bit after dive practice.  I didn't get a photo of them together, but.....
Yes I dress up my furbabes too ~
 Someone has to be the witch, right?  Next year I'll have to get a broom
 "I think a HERO is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles"  Christopher Reeves
You'll always be my Superman ~ LOVE YOU Lil Man
 Mask and all he was handing out candy to the kids.  Unfortunately we only had 6 kids this year, so we have TONS of Candy left over
 Danny's side kick Wonder Women with Carter
Ms Keren got into the festivities this year and was a super hero too....Bat Girl.  Unfortunately her daughter whom has visited Danny EVERY Halloween since she was born was sick too so they didn't get together this year.

2016 Voting and Political nonsense is over with for me.  I went out and casted my vote early.  I didn't want to deal with all the lines and public BS the day of the polls.  Quit honestly I fear for what might or could happen at the polls, with how unstable and CRAZY the world has gotten I'm not too sure the polls will be safe place to be.  I find it very amusing that people are so forcefully bringing on their own opinions and beliefs...we are all entitled to have our OWN choices.  I for one will not HATE you or think differently of you on who you voted for....if you are my friend or family member now, if you are good upholding citizen now, whomever YOU vote for is YOUR vote and it will not change how I see you.  Everything has to be so hush hush during the elections and this year especially many are afraid to speak about whom they will vote for do to fear of being chastised and abandoned.  How sad is that?!? No matter what the out come is we as American will persevere, and I have to say I'm very proud of being American and the freedoms we have.  We DO have A LOT to work on and I feel as if we've regressed on many issues, we are a HOT mess and it's a scary place right now with the fear of the unknowns.  I just hope we can all come together and Make this country Great Again.
 Make TODAY great!