Monday, November 14, 2016

Wisconsin STATE Champion!! **UPDATED with video at end**

I'm so PROUD ~ her hard work and dedication definitely showed on Saturday at the State competetion.
Av competed against 24 of Wisconsin's top divers and .......


Av is the BEST DIVER in the state of Wisconsin.  Way to GO Baby Girl!  Dream Big and reach for the stars.
Here are some photos of her incredible day!
 Practice in the pool before getting on the bus
 Team practiced and ready to GO
 Good LUCK Neenah Girls

 Loaded and State Bound
 Team Dinner
 UW ~ Madison Pool
 Av's cheerleading squad was READY!!
 Av and her fellow Diver n BFF Lydia ~ It was great that Lydia could be there to support her
 Some screen shots of the LIVE feed that was streaming

 Danny didn't go as he wasn't feeling the best yet, but his nurse sent us photos to cheer Av on
 The swim team cheering her on from the stands
1st place goes to ........

AV OSERO !!!!!

First freshman to win state in 10yrs, the first freshman for Coach to win state and in the top 4 record highs for state.
woot woot
 What an amazing dive duo!  Words can't express how emotional this was for all of us.
 Nanny was there to watch and cheer her on!  SO amazing she was there to celebrate with us
 Mom and Dad ~ Boasting with PRIDE!!
 Bus ride home ~

 Nice article in the Paper

 Some R&R time relaxing at coachie's house the next day!!
Starting this journey back in 2012 despite my reservations.....Guess Coach was right as at her first practice he leaned over and told me "She's a Natural"
Awe look how small she is
Taking on the Wisconsin State Title in just 4 short years.  These two are going places!
What an incredible start to her dive career!!

Here is the video of her Sectional and State Champion meet that will be submitted to All -American. 

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Av, great day, great win and great girl!!!! Mom, Dad and Danny must be so proud! Lori, you and Dan have done well with your daughter. Just so awesome !!! Hugs from da Romittis