Saturday, February 27, 2016

Back on Track

The last week has been NUTS!  Lots of set backs for Danny..... food intolerance, ER visit, pain and agitation, episodes, diarrhea, skin break down, wonky labs, and lots of doctor visits ~ BUT the last 2 days finally have taken a turn for the better.  It's just devastating to watch your child be in distress and have NO IDEA how to help him.  After changing some meds around, restarting the food introduction, and starting antibiotics I'm seeing "normal" Danny activity.  I'm sure there will be a set back here n there....but I believe he's back on the road to recovery.  It's been a LONG HAUL for him and I'm hoping and praying this is the break Danny needs.
I have also improved since my last relapse....My vision, weakness, and fatigue has improved immensely.  It's so much easier to tackle all of our craziness when I'm back to feeling better myself.  It was hard to just get through my day and then to add all of the other "stuff" .... exhausting doesn't even describe it.
I am SO READY for a vacation!!!  Some down time and relaxation !!! We've decided to go ahead with our Spring Break trip and enjoy the time together whatever comes our way.  I have "plans" for our trip but I am prepared to have things change and just go with the flow as things are still touch n go with Danny and myself  We are so lucky that we have the opportunity to bring one of our nurses along with, not only to "Just" help with Danny but I'm looking forward to having a "date" with Dan while on vacation.  We are definitely "The Griswold's" with our vacations and this trip we are amping up the "Lampoon" style by bringing a nurse and one of Av's friends along.  2 weeks, 6 people, and in a RV...let the F U N begin.  Honestly I can't wait for the Spring Break chaos!!
The end of last week we had conferences for Ms Av.....I'm still in denial that the end of 3rd quarter is approaching.  I want to hold onto the pre high school years for alil longer.  Av is doing awesome in school.  It's humbling to listen to her teachers take about her.  I love that she is a great student and has a wonderful relationship with her teachers.  I'm sure Av is going to miss them dearly next year.  Av can now add work to her list of accomplishments as She has a wonderful babysitting job that she really enjoys doing.  I can't being to describe how proud I am of Avrianna's her hard work that has gotten her to be a straight A student, an exceptional diver, a babysitter, and the best daughter n sister anyone could ask for.  I'm just beaming over here !!!
Spring is right almost here as the snow is melting with the warmer temps.  The end to the cold is near, WOOT WOOT ~ Bring on the flip flops n shorts.... WE ARE READY!!

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