Friday, October 23, 2015

Rainbow Bridge ~ RIP Bailey 9/21/00 - 10/21/15

On Wednesday Oct. 21st we had to put our baby girl down.  I'm just devastated that my girl is .... GONE.  Bailey was 15yrs old and unfortunately old age crept up with her despite my efforts to keep her around forever.  It's hard to believe she won't be with us anymore...she has been through so many things with us.  
I got Ms B when she was 8 weeks old.  Isn't she a beauty!!
But don't let those big beautiful brown eye fool you, she was a puppy on a mission.

Lets see ..... she 
~ Came home via the back seat of a cop car when she was a pup after running through Neenah trying to catch a bunny on a Packer/Bear football game Sunday.
~ Absolutely LOVED water!!
~ Up at the Shack with Dan and Av was her favorite time. She'd run after the 4 wheeler for hours :)
~ She thought any clothing of Dan's was an awesome chew toy, after I made her a toy out of one of his old socks
~ She ate a tv remote as a puppy, batteries and all.....that was intersting
~ We had to replace our first computer (remember the monitor, keyboard, tower days) as she thought the power cord was a chew toy.  How she didn't get zapped is beyond me.
~ It was nice the neighbors would feed her treats ~ then she started just walking into their homes as if she owned the place, geez!
~ Artificial berries she thought were amazingly tastie treats.
~Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Toms house was her FAVORITE PLACE to be.  They spoiled her rotten!

She was amazing with the kids, always there making sure they were ok and comforting then when they were not.

 She was great with her brothers....showing them the ropes and even teaching them how to be sassy.

You were more to me then JUST A DOG .... I hope I showed you how much I loved you.  You had a great life and now we will have to learn to go on with just your memories.

Good Bye my sweet girl ~ I love you very much and miss you dearly.  Until we meet again ~ You will be our very special guardian angel looking after us.  

Time will help the hurt, but right now I just miss my friend VERY much.  I knew it was going to be difficult but I had no clue it was going to be this hard.

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