Friday, May 1, 2015


Things are moving in the right direction around here.  We are getting answers!  We are finding that the most of the issues Danny has presented us with the last few days was just the calm before the storm. His system went into a " hibernation" state ie low temps and heart rate due to a significant infection that he was brewing. Despite me not wanting to be here I'm glad we did as many things have fallen into place with seeing some specatular specialists and having a lot of tests being done.

I was very surprised that they wanted to do a chest X-ray as Danny wasn't symptomatic with having any respiratory stuff going on. I was even more put back when the X-Ray had shown significant edema and effusion on both sides. Full blown repository infection!!  I was Totally caught off guard on this one. So due to the infection most of the other medical issues have started to become secondary symptoms because of this illness. Danny's Respiratory treatments have increased, they started antibiotics, and Lasix to help remove the extra fluid to help fight this off.  The doctors are on the fence as to label him with sepsis buttery  are not ruling it out as he meets most of the criteria of being septic.  It's amazing how things can change.  The cardiologist has now stepped back in the treatment/care as his heart was just reacting to the illness.  So right now, no talks of a pacemaker at this time. His goal is to recover from this infection.
Due to his neurological status and episodes he's had here the doctors had an EEG put on. Thankfully they chose to do put the EEG on as with this illness they have not only found the increase of dysautonomic storms (which we knew already and have been trying to figure out) but they have captured multiple seizure also.  While we are here we saw a couple neurologists who are amazing. One specializes in dysautonomia and the other specializes in movement disorders. Love their attitude ideas and personality. We are going to start a new med to help with his dysautonomia and tweeking his seizure meds now that we have seen more.
What a relief it is to know there is a reason for all this drama. Having a great team the last 2 days has made a world of difference. To have a team that listens, acts, and cares makes this mom very happy.
The plan is to see how he responds to the new med for dyautonomia and the abx for the infection, if all goes well then we shouldn't be here too long. What a relief !!

Yesterday Av Had her MRI on her knee. We'll be talking with her doctor next week to see if they see any particular reasons as to the pain in her knees. It's nice that there is alil break from dive competition to give her knees some reprieve. She's still going to practice through the week but we're just taking it back some.
At dive Regionals last weekend in Milwaukee went great. Av placed 3rd in both her events. So it's off to Zones in Iowa the end June. If there wasn't any region hopping she would have won the regionals as the first place winner was from Fl and 2nd was from IN. Way to go Av!!!

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