Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas at The Osero's

We got an early start on Christmas.  On the 23rd my Mom, Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Tom, and Grandma came over.  Grandpa got a nasty case of Vertigo that morning so he was home relaxing.

The pups were not opposing all the snacks and treat possibilities 

And seeing the 23rd is Danny's birthday we opened all the cards he received.  The last few years I've asked for people to send him cards and then we open them on his day.  He loves to hear us read to him so what better way to show him all the love out there.

 He ended up having 133 cards...AMAZING!
 Thanks to everyone that thought of him on his BIG 11 !!!
 Check out our cool reindeer ~
 Seeing we had no nursing I got some help to get Danny up, ready, and out in the living room to open gifts

 And we are ready!!  Av made him (and all of us) a tie blanket to snuggle up in
 The pups were very happy with their gifts

 Danny has a wonderful helper
 Our bone hoarder
 His first Christmas with us, was just too overwhelming for Sully
 There may be Some Assembly required

 I guess Christmas isn't overwhelming for just Sully, LOL

 Our Christmas feast.  We have the day filled with snacky foods :)

 We spend the day in our comfies, playing games, and watching movies :)
 What a wonderful tradition we have ~ I LOVE it and wouldn't have it any other way....I LOVE my wonderful Little family :)
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

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Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family, home and the most positive outlook on life. Sending Prayers and Best Wishes for you and Family for a wonderful 2015!!