Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camping, Friends, and FUN

The Osero's have definitely been busy, but it a fun busy to be in.  We've done alot of traveling and hanging out with family n friends.  What a better way to spend our summer :)

July 7th we had Dan's "Old" buddies over for a pool party and to grill out.  It's wonderful getting together with them and their families.  When you look back and reminisce it's amazing how life changes them :)
The 3 Amigos, Musketeers, or Stooges ~ it all depends on how you look at it (or know them).
After the get together we headed up to Fremont to watch the "Webfooters" water ski show.

Avrianna learned how to water ski this summer, and you guessed it.....she wants to be in the show.  I think we'll just go to watch them and she can water ski for fun :)

I took her in to get her hair colored............What Color??
Well BLUE, of course :)

Later in that week Danny had a Dr Appt to have his baclofen Pump refilled up in Green Bay.  Everything went well, but we did have the dosage increased and added another med to help out with the dysautonmic storms he continues to have.  So far So good with the results since then.  We've seen Danny much more alert and having less episodes.  YAY!!

While up in Green Bay we were going to spend some time at Bay Beach Park, but it was PACKED....I guess with the day being so beautiful everyone else had that idea too.  The Day wasn't a complete bust as we went across the street and did some go karting, mini golfing, and bumper boats.

Push Ms Gail ~ You can do it!!

Danny was delighted to hang on to the golf club.....and wouldn't let go of it :)  I was VERY excited to see him with some purposeful movement :)  It's all yours buddy you can have it!  He looks like a drunken sailor here, lol.

Friday the 12th we headed out to watch the Timber Rattler baseball game.   The weather was perfect!  We met up with some of our Special Needs friends as this particular night The Variety Charity donated tickets and a picnic to families with SN children.  They were to have fireworks that nite also, but the game went into MANY over time innings and unfortunately it was too late (city curfew), but still a great time was had by all :)


That next day we had our 2nd Annual Special Needs Pool Party....again PERFECT weather :)
Here's Danny chilling out in the pool with his friends Jeromy and Raymond
Look at these cool studs....Jacob and Nick
This is Danny's new girlfriend, Wyllow.  It's she a DOLL!!
He was so Excited ...... he couldn't keep his eyes open.  LOL!!  We did have a mishap with a new boat that I got him.  I had upsized him to a 2 person so he had some more room, but when he flexed there was too much room in the boat and he fell down into the boat.  Normally that wouldn't be a problem, BUT I filled it up with water before hand.  EEEKKKK!!  Water + Trache = one fast acting Momma :)  He was fine but my blood pressure took awhile to come down, geez.
Awwwe - Nick loving that his Momma is loving up on him :)
Sarah and her brother Noah....she was enjoying that he was tug boating her around.

Man do I love those kids.....and their families are AMAZING.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.  I don't know what I would do without them.

Then on Sunday.....yes that was a very busy weekend for us :)  We had a dive team golf n pool party.  What a blast that was and as you can see from the pics another great weather day :)

Yep...she's all mine :)

We took off on the 17th to head into west Wisconsin.  Eau Claire bound....
Danny is chillaxing in bed, in the RV.
Our ICU on wheels....everything including the kitchen sink, LOL.  2 Vents, feeding pump, pulse ox, Mr Jiggles, Cough assist, 2 suction machines and a partridge in a pear tree (the rest of Danny's daily needs).  He was dealing with ANOTHER UTI (2 n 2 months, poor bug) but he was a trooper.

It was a HOT one!
Avrianna and I went to Country Jam in Eau Claire to see ~ LoCash Cowboys, Lee Brice, The Band Perry, Rascal Flatts.  We melted !!  Dan and Danny chilled out at a camp grounds in the air conditioned RV :)

Henna Tattoo :)
We had GREAT seats!
The Band Perry....it's was hotter then HOT and that girl was still moving it all over the stage :)
We had a BLAST!
Lots n lots of ICEE's and Ice was consumed by us that day/nite.  They did have an area where they had a hose spraying people between shows....so that's where we hung out to cool down.
She had a GREAT time ~ so glad to make wonderful memories with her :)

The next morning we pulled out and headed up to Turtle Lake to visit Dan's cousin, The Oseros :)
Steven, Danny, and Dan (yes that's Dan in shorts, it doesn't happen often...ya need some sun glasses to look at those legs, lol)
We were checking out the horses
The Osero Cousins :)
Erin bringing in the horses that A and I got to ride

A with Spice
She LOVED riding Spice. I rode Dixie .... it was so beautiful riding as the sun was setting :)

In the AM we were onto the next stop on our venture...... to Amery visiting The Osero's too :)
Michele, Zak, and David
The rest of the crew..... Michele, Jimmy, Marilyn, Norm, Dan (I know shorts again), David :)

Back in the RV that afternoon and we headed towards Tomahawk.  We had a great visit with Papa N Claudia.
We drove to get Ice Cream at The Windmill....aka the Pinwheel :)

Sunday morning we were on the road again heading all the way up to Crystal Falls Michigan to drop Avrianna off at Camp Batawagama, Iron County Youth Camp.
 I was amazed and freaked out at the amount of "Pass With Care" on a curve...some of the blind curves.  Um NO I'll stay right here in my lane thank you very much.
Her first real camp camp....outdoors, no electronics, FUN.
It was nice that they had a trailer pick us up with all the gear at the road and drove us down to camp
Here are the 7 girls that went "together".  They are all classmates (except one is a cousin).  All of them stayed in the same cabin B3.
She was lil nervous about staying on the top bunk without any walls or bars.  No issues were had and she liked being on top.
Annie the Camp Counselor ~ she had 12 girls to watch over.....she is a saint!
Looking out their cabin at the restroom cabin....they had the closest cabin
All of us parents getting the kids registered.  In this building the kids had their dance, did project, and it was the mess hall. I was impressed that she enjoyed the food they had.....she is my VERY picky eater.
A lil shop where the kids could get snacks :)
Arts n crafts cabin :)
Then it was time for Mom to go :( ~ No contact with my Lil Girl for a week.  I was hopeful she was going to have a great time.  On the way home we stopped out for dinner.....Lil Man wasn't impressed we took him out of the RV or he missed his sister already as the whole time during dinner he decided to have a seizure.  Ugh!

Dan and I couldn't just stay home to relax, nope back on the road we went.  On the 25th Dan and I took the day off and went to Door County.  We did some window shopping, as I didn't buy anything.  I know I still can't believe it myself.  I got some great ideas though :)  If anyone knows of a chainsaw carver, let me know.  I saw this cute log bear in a fireman coat n hat.....Danny needs one of those :)  I did break down and buy some things at the winery and the cheese factory so that counts :)
Tons of cherry trees ~

So far this is the traveling we have done since mid June.  Trips done in Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, and Blue.  There is still one month left so I'm sure there will more places we will be going.

This is our newest Nurses Ms Krista.  She is doing really well with my Lil Man and she is fitting in with our family really nicely.  We are very excited to have her on board.  She even likes to go thrifting, so we took her on an outing to go shopping last Friday :)

Saturday I was back in the vehicle going back up to Crystal Falls (3 hrs one way) to pick up Avrianna and her friends.  What a difference in temps from just alil over a week ago.
 Unfortunately it did a significant amount of raining on the campers the last 2 days, so they were not able to everything that they had planned too.  Despite the rain they still had a great time!  Avrianna has told me she is going to continue to go until the age limit and then she is going to be a Camp Counselor :)
Here are the girls all packed up and not so ready to go home.  At least mine wasn't.  She had such a nice time she even had tears when it came time to go

Sunday I took the kids to see Despicable Me 2.  It was a very cute movie !  Both kids enjoyed watching it :)

I am doing well.  I'm still off all my MS and pain meds....WOW!  I have to say I'm doing better then I have been in a very long time.  It's amazing what changing your diet, some exercise,  and going "natural" can do.  I'm telling ya from experience IT WORKS!!  There are things that would make the "normal" person turn their heads, but it works and if it's not broke.....don't fix it, right?

Danny is dealing with a nasty ear infection where his poor ear is even bleeding :(  We've been putting in drops and giving Ibuprofen but I think tomorrow I'll have to put in a call to his ENT and get his opinion.  There might be a trip down to Milwaukee to add to that map in the near future :(
Thanks for checking in on us.  Now to see whats in store for us in August...............