Friday, July 5, 2013


Dan has called me a slacker with a Capital "S".  Guess I should update :)
We've been a busy bunch over here so far this summer.  
We went to see the movie Monster's University in 3D, the day before Avrianna went to Camp for a week.  The movie was great!  Danny was awake, engaged, and smiles pretty much the whole time.
 The next morning it was off to Iowa University.  Avrianna, Hazel, and Matt went together, it was nice (for Mom) to know she was there with familiar faces.   Avrianna on the other hand, I think could of cared long as she was diving.  LOL!  No she really was glad they went with her.
 Ready to get all registered!
 Here we GO!
 It's official!  I am no longer needed :)  
 The dorm room she stayed in.  EEEEK!!  I'm leaving my baby in a dorm.  I know time is flying by, but I think this is a lil ridiculous.  "Get over it mom, she'll be just fine".  Hazel and Avrianna were room mates
Hillcrest Dorms
 Room # E3.
 Of course she needed to get a key chain for her collection.
 Danny was very excited about all the peace and quite the house was for a week :)  I think he really started to miss her by the end of the week.  He loves it when Avrianna comes in and lays in his bed to watch movies with him.  He really LOVES his sister!
 While Avrianna was at Camp Dan went to Garfield, MN to pick up our new RV.  It's a 2013 Newmar 3911 Canyon Star ~ Handicap accessible
 Slides in and there is still alot of space.  Looking from the bedroom to the front
 Slides in looking from the front to the Bedroom
 Right from the manufacture a Braun Wheelchair lift ~ LOVE IT!!!

 Living, dining, and kitchen area
 Dining, living, and front of RV
 The couch is Avrianna and Danny's bedroom....Queen air mattress.
 This is going to be amazing traveling in this rig.  The ease and safety traveling with Danny.  I can't wait ~ Let's go RVing!!
We decided to pack up the RV and head to Iowa to pick up Avrianna.  She was surprised to see the new RV when we picked her up.  
Danny was all set and ready to go.  His new chair works perfect !

 Bailey even got to go with.  She always loves road trips :)
 And Gunner...well he's the new Navigator.  "Are we going the right way?"
 "Anyone in the blind spot?"
All Comfy in their spots
 The morning we were to pick Avrianna up, they had a dive meet to show off some of the things that they learned through the week.  It was held, and they practiced all week, at the Campus Recreational Wellness Center.  It is AMAZING!!  WOW ~ what a great place!!
 The diving area!
 Danny was so relaxed from being in the RV...he slept all nite long AND till about 11:30.  Yeap, got him ready, did his treatments, moved from RV to mini van, and all the noise in the CRWC didn't wake this sleeping prince.  Danny you are MISSING it!!
 Danny was as excited to watch as Avrianna was to leave.  It was a difficult one for her.  She had a BLAST not only diving but with making new friends.  So leaving just broke her heart..........

 Head Coach Todd

 Coach Lauren ~ Avrianna loved watching her practice on her down time.  Lauren is trying out for the Olympics, (which is Avrianna's Goal to dive in the Olympics) but it will be for the Canadian team.  Did you know you have to be 14 to go in for the trails at the Olympics?  Well guess who will be 14 for the 2016 Olympics......practice, practice, and practice!!  It's great that out of this camp they are still staying in contact with each other.
 Dream BIG, Baby Girl!!
On the way home Avrianna cuddled up with Gunner in bed and watched some movies.  She needed some down time, I could tell, as she was an emotional mess.
The next morning Avrianna slept in till 11:30, that is unheard of.  If she sleeps till 9.....that's something.  I had to check on her a couple of times to make sure she was ok :)  She's already in the works to go back next year.  I can bet it will be for 2 weeks instead of 1 next year.  WOW ~ when did my baby get so grown up?
Here are some videos :)  I couldn't be more proud!!

An amazing rainbow in our backyard.  As you can see the pool is once again blue!  Thanks to Jenny :)
The roses in front of Danny's room windows are VERY Happy this year. 
Lori's Lily Garden is starting to see some color :)  I can't wait to see what it look like when all the lilies are bloomed
 Danny has lost another tooth.  Thanks Ms Keren for making sure he didn't swallow it
 Last week during practice she smacked her hand on the board while doing a reverse one and a half.  I had to be there to witness it, eeek....all I kept thinking, before she came to the surface, was please don't let it be her head.  Sigh :(  Her hand is pretty soar, but she can move it.  Coachie says she is now an official diver as she hit the board.
 Happy 4th of July to you all.  I hope you all had a safe and happy day.  We went to Riverside park to watch the Webfooters waterski show and walk around the commityfest.

 Afr the park we chillaxed poolside to play a game of dominoes :)
 Then it was off to go watch the fireworks.
 We watched the Neenah Fireworks from Shattuck Middle School's track n field.  We had a great show and it wasn't packed full of people.  We were home within minutes of the show ending and we didn't have to deal with traffic or mobs of people.  Now that's my kind of firework show
 I am READY!!

 Cotton Candy.........AWESOME stuff!!  Where did it go?  It was on my tongue.  LOL
 These two are great movie buddies :)  We chillaxed today Harry Potter style.
 Our new mission is to try to get to each one of the supper clubs in this book.  I can't wait to start!
Next week we have a new nurse starting on with us.  I am very excited and hopeful that she will be a good match.  Time will tell to see how she does with Danny and see if she is a good fit with out family.  Danny had been a healthy and happy boy.  He had a bout of an UTI earlier but other then that......shhhhhhhhh I'm not going to say it.

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