Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby it's cold out!!
The weather is turning and winter is knocking on our door.  


I really like fall and I wish it would stick around LONGER!!  The beautiful colors are gone and there is now a chill in the air.  We didn't get any snow by us today, but just south of us got to see "the white stuff".  


Dan is getting ready for the 2013 Deer Hunt.  This year he is going to be sporting an enclosed "condo".  
He's becoming a fair weather hunter...with a lil push from me.  Now hopefully he won't be too comfy and sleep too much in there, we still would like some venison.  Maybe it will bring him luck and the BIG BUCK will be there this year.  I really wanted it for when Avrianna is hunting with him, as then I don't have to worry about the weather when they are out there.  It rained most of the Youth Hunt this year so next year they will be ready. 

Avrianna had her first report card from 6th grade come home on Friday.  STRAIGHT A'S BABY!!  I am so proud of her.  She is juggling her busy schedule well.  She is one that has to busy all the time or ~ she's bored!!  With this new school year she is really doing fantastic, they have a few different ways a kiddo can learn and she's found "her way".  Keep up the amazing work!!  There are a few of her team mates from dive that have made it to state so we might drive over and watch them this weekend.  Avrianna is doing great in diving and I have only high hopes that we will be AT STATE with her someday. 

Danny is finally coming around to being his old sassy self.  I think he's finally kicked this bug he got before we went on vacation.  It's great to have him healthy again.  Last week he had a dental appt for a teeth cleaning and xrays.   Gold stars for Danny....as his dentist ranked him to be in the top 10 of her gtube kids.  Way to GO!!  Double gold stars go to him as the day ended with 5, yes 5, teeth had to be pulled.  They were all baby teeth, well what was left of them because once they were out they looked just like shells of teeth.  They were just "sitting" there with no root/blood supply and the adult teeth seemed to have hulled them out.  He has about 4-5 more waiting to come out for his next visit, unless he losses them first.

After his appt we took Ms Krista to "The Cheesecake Factory" for lunch.  It was the first time she was there and now she gets all the hype about us stopping there when we can after appts.  I tried sharing my cheesecake with Danny, but I think his mouth was still numb so he didn't want anything to do with that.  

I am doing great!  I'm in the 2nd phase of my 10 weeks workout with Beachbody T25.  I am so impressed that I can do this AND that I am seeing results.  Last year at this time there was NO WAY I would have even thought about doing this and look at me NOW!!  

It's pretty low key around here, which is nice.  Just trying to get the house and yard ready for winter.  No news is usually good news around here.  
I hope everyone has a safe 2013 deer hunt and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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