Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break n Easter

One of our Art Projects we did this Spring Break :)  Love IT!!
 Avrianna's turn to color eggs.........then we did a sugar water floss egg off of a balloon.  Turned out cool, but boy what a sticky mess that was.

We had Easter dinner at our house this year.  It was a smaller group as many of the family are in Florida.  We had my Mom n Chuck, my step brother Mike with his 2 kids (I got my baby fix as he had his 9 wk old son with, YAY), and my Aunt Bonnie n Tom.  The food was great and the company was wonderful!!  

My Two Favorite Peeps!!
Happy Easter!
As I stated before .... Easter is NOT Danny's holiday.  So in true Danny form he was border line to go into the ER.  His breathing was labored, heart rate was getting higher n higher, and his Oxygen levels were less to desired, and his snot was Easter colors :(  
 Thankfully he held his own and we managed to hang out at home, but his was attached to Puff :(

 We were suppose to go to the Shedd Aquarium on Thursday, but once again The Osero's made a spare of the moment decision and we stayed home to have fun around here.  Amazed at how we've been so easily swayed to NOT do something.  We usually are traveling all over and follow our plans out.  Even though it wasn't what we "planned" on doing we had a blast!!  Shopping at Justice, Build a Bear, out to eat, AND Mani n Pedi's.  Girls day out ~ it was wonderful Mommy n Me time :)

Tundra Lodge in Green Bay ~ spend the day in the water with friends :)

 Danny's new Lounge chair came in ~  How cool is this!

The pool was "brought up" for the season on Friday  ~ it's going to be a long pool season around here this year :). 
I hope you all had a safe and Happy Easter!  Thanks for checking on us ~

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