Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Craziness :)

Just wanted to share with favorite swimmer! I'm so proud of her :)
Ive posted some other of her events on Youtube also if you'd like to take a look.
Avrianna has been entered into an 8 and under All Star swim meet in Whitewater, WI Feb 13th which should be a wonderful time. Then the next weekend she has her last swim meet on Sat & Sun afternoon in Fond du lac. Then the next season Avrianna will be put in the next swimming level ... SILVER. She's very excited about that, but still wants to take a "break" for the summer with the team again, so she won't start back up with the team until next Fall.
Here she is sporting all her metals, ribbons, and trophy in front the the board Dan made for her.Avrianna is selling Girl Scout Cookies again this year.....yeap it's that time again. So if anyone would like some let me know. Even if you have too many already or if you don't care for them (gasp) you can donate boxes. Avrianna has a fellow GS who's uncle is going back over seas to Afghanistan for his 2nd tour and we are going to donate cookies to his platoon. Come on guys, lets support the Girl Scouts and our troops :) I know I would make an awesome sales person, just ask Danny's Nurse, LOL.
I decided I needed a new look once again....
BeforeAnd After the color and highlighting ~ I did myself....not too shabby :)Then I treated myself to a very over due hair cut last night.Yeap I went even shorter....again. But I like it :)
Of course we had to highlight Avrianna's hair cute!Danny has been fighting off a double ear infection.....gotta love seeing this, NOT!I took him into Dr Kasper's so he could really clean out his ears as they were very goopy. I think it helped so he is currently just on ear drops. We are trying to stay away from oral antibiotics as much as we can because they really do a number on his system.
This is GROSS!
But No One seems to know what the heck it is. We've been getting this goo out of Danny's tummy a few times a week. This coming from a boy who eats nothing.....and doesn't get anything purple. So.................? Go figure Danny throwing us another puzzle.
So I received a phone call from the Neurologist's nurse....stating the EEG shows NO seizures and the doctor thinks his seizures are being controlled properly. UM....then what is going on with Danny? I asked her what does the Dr think....of course no reply. UGH! If you'd look the definitions and actions to a typical Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal) seizure ~ he's having them. So if they look like a seizure but they are not......what the heck am I suppose to do? Another appt will be in the making, you can bet on that.
This would be the single Lumen Power Med Port that was implanted in my chest. Looks like a mouse....and it's purple ~ LOL
They did NOT knock me out....I was up and talking with them the whole time....DARN! But I did enjoy NOT puking afterwards. They didn't send me home with any pain meds. Just to take Tylenol for discomfort. Now I'm a tuff cookie, but the first 48 hours would have been wonderful to have some pain killers. OUCH! I was swollen in my chest, to my under arm and up over my shoulder. YIKES!
The first night
By the second nite I had to take off the tape and gauze as....Danny and I must has the same sensitivity to tape. I got hives and my chest turned fire red. And Itch! Let me tell you that ice, neosporin, and benadryl were my best friend. You can see the bruising was turning green, eekI got to take the stitches out and it felt wonderful!By the afternoon it started to split open
And by the the opening got bigger! UGH! I had stery strips here and tried to close it back up but no go. I reacted to that also.
I can't wait to start up my new med. As I've really been aching and getting weaker. Plus this headache that I've had since the end of November REALLY can go away! This all SUX! I can't tell you enough how much I HATE MS :(
Dan's test came back from his cyst and all was good..... not skin cancer, phew! Last Sunday morning Dan was going to let me sleep in and surprise me with breakfast as Avrianna was at a sleepover, but things didn't go as planned. All of a sudden he was bent over and in so much pain he was shaking. He gave me a kiss and said see ya later.....UM, where are you going. "TO ER" Well you know it's bad if he's going to go to the ER and it must be really bad that he is going to drive himself in, as he couldn't wait for 10 minutes (at best) for the nurse to get there so I could take him in. Off he went and I got myself presentable so when the nurse got there (about 5 minutes after he left) I was off to find him in the ER. I wasn't far behind him and they were just finishing taping the IV down. They gave him some IV pain meds......that didn't work, so they gave him another dose....that didn't work. By this time he was shaking so hard you'd have thought he was standing outside in his skivvies. Then they changed the med and he finally got "some", not all, relief. Off to get a Cat Scan he went........the verdict, a 3.5mm kidney stone finding it's way to the bladder. YIKES ~ but now he knows what Danny had to go through :(. Heavily medicated they sent him home to me to deal with, HA. Luckily he slept ALL afternoon due to all the meds he was on. He woke up, had to pee, and WALL"A the stone (his baby boy as he would put it) had been passed. UM ~ that little piece of rice WITH drugs doesn't compare to the 9lb 3 oz bumbling baby boy WITHOUT drugs, so NO sympathy here. But he's as good as new, heehee. That my friends bought him a referral to a Urologist. Unfortunately it was a useless appt as the pathology test of the stone hadn't come back yet. So depending on the results of that will matter on what, if any actions will need to be taken.
I had to go in for a follow up appt with Endocrine from my Thyroid....remember all the poking! My blood work still isn't great, BUT not bad enough for the doctor to start to treat me with meds at this time. I fluctuate with the different MS meds so much that he's just going to keep a close eye on me. Well with the port in the blood work won't be so bad now. I did go in for another ultra sound on the growth that I have in my thyroid and it has grown but not significantly as again .... close eye.
Yesterday was the post season Packer/Bear game. I don't get into football, but when the Packers play the Bears especially in a occasion like this we try to have fun. Dan is a .......Bear fan ( I know, I know... I try not to hold it against him) which he's converted my son. Now that's just not right. As of yesterday Danny is now grounded for a week cuz......
You get the picture....but he's still so damn cute. Danny that is ~ LOL
So of course the girls need to be be on the opposing end.
Yeap ~ this is me in my comfy cozies. Thanks alot Avrianna, LOL. Yes I have a Farve jersey on...I am NOT and will NEVER be a Farve fan, but this was the only jersey I have. As I put it last nite...... Well Brett #4 Packers + #4 Jets + #4 Vikings = #12 Aaron Rodgers, Ya Baby! Super Bowl 45 here we come.
*WARNING* The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Chicago and surrounding areas for Sunday the 23rd of January. This warning is NOW in effect. This Flash Flood is caused by the tears of Chicago Bears fans as they saw their Superbowl dreams fade away. Crying will intensify now that the game is over.

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Thanks for checking in on us!

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