Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fear of the Unknown

The last few days have been more difficult then I had ever anticipated. I guess I had this misconception of "treatment means recovery". You would assume that with everything else I've dealt with that I would know the cold hard Truth. Treatment doesn't mean recovery and I'm NOT invincible! Hard words to swallow and except, but true. I might not get better, I might get's ok to not be ok! Unfortunately I have found no relief from my relapse as of yet and sadly I have gotten worse with each waking day.
With the 3 days of IV steroids, 2 days of oral, and I started another Medicine to help with my nerve endings (Neurontin) I continue to have this headache for 10 days now, I have wibble wobbly legs that feel like they are going to give out at any moment, my arms are weak, and my body just aches. BUT I will remain positive that this is running it's course and one day I will wake up regaining some of my functions back instead of losing. This is so unbelievable that I'm finding it hard to wrap my brain around what has all happened ....and in such a short amount of time. Like I don't know how fast things can change, BUT it's not suppose to happen to ME, RIGHT? I'm suppose to be the strong, protective, and nurturing one instead of being the one that is dragging behind.
I've been exceptionally spoiled by having Dr Kasper in our lives for Danny as the "regular" doctor/patient relationship I forgot that exists out there, sucks. So I'm finding my patients running very thin with my Neurologist. Call me crazy for wanting just a phone call back (when I called at 8am to let them know I wasn't doing well) to see what I could be doing. So here I wait over the weekend wondering what I should be doing and getting pissier! The office did call into the pharmacy for two prescriptions .... one that I can't even take as I get sick from it and the other I'm not really sure what it's suppose to do, as again I got no phone call or direction, UGH! I can't wait for Monday's phone call to the doctors office, :) I won't stop here and just wait around so I'm going to start looking elsewhere for a doctor that I feel is hearing and treating my concerns.
I was able to get out for lunch with my girlfriend on Friday. I was so nice to get out and be "normal" for awhile, talk to another adult (one that gets it), and just shoot the breeze. I'm so glad I did as honestly I don't think I could do that today, I've gotten so .... NOT ME!
By Saturday I was very weak, but I signed Avrianna and myself up to go to a 2k walk/run fundraiser for her school. I went but thankfully was able to just sit and watch the kids run around the track, phew! As it took everything for me to walk in to the field house :( Another big one to swallow, sitting on the side lines, isn't something I like to do! Thankfully we had nothing planned for the rest of the day and we sat around the house watching some movies :) Then in the evening Dan and I had some friends over to give me some tips on changing over to a better diet. Guess it's time to step up and take care of myself? It was great bouncing ideas off of her and getting some of her wonderful recipes was a great start. She has fibromylacia (which has some of the symptoms as MS). So with both feet in I am changing to a healthier diet. With the way I'm feeling I'll give almost anything a try. I'm anxiously awaiting some MS books that I purchased online that will hopefully give me alil more direction.
Danny has been doing great! He's been such a good, healthy boy lately (knock on wood)! It's as if he knows somethings up with me, weird? But I'll take it. He's happy and healthy so I'm all game for that. We've gotten Danny on the schedule for his back surgery in May. With talking to his Doctors and some other parents I feel the surgery would benefit him greatly, but I still have a few loose ends that I need to wrap up so I have all the info I need. To make things even more exciting, I've changed Danny's nursing so this last week it's been alil different around here, but I think it's all changes for the better :) Danny and I need more consistancy and dependablity so I'm hoping that we'll have everyone on board, trained, and comfortable before May 14th.
Avrianna has been awesome also! She's been selling Girl Scout Cookies. She has already met and surpassed her personal goal.....YOU GO GIRL! This is her first year and she's loving it. We just got report cards for her and she's AMAZING. She's doing excellent in everything ~ I'm so proud of her! Avrianna has another swim meet this next weekend in Clintonville, where the coaches have her entered in 6 meets. GO AVRIANNA GO!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


What a reality check the last few days has been for me. Since my Diagnosis of MS, this summer, it really hasn't effected me other then just an increase in fatigue and some added aches, but you all know me I keep on keeping on. Well since Thursday my life has been in a sudden free fall. It's amazing how fast your life can end up in a tail spin OVER and OVER and OVER again and you wonder when are you going to hit the ground. Just when you think you've been through the ringer enough in your life, BAM another mountain we're climbing.
I look at this face and know we are climbing this mountain together more then I had ever thought we would. My New DreaMS !! I am suppose to be the strong one, pulling him through and being his only true one given in life, but this last week scared me to the depts of the deepest hole. How long will I be able to really BE THERE for him? My biggest fan :) I love you Buddy more then you'll ever know.

Here's MY newest to the intense and sudden relapse of MS symptom this last week I have to go to the hospital for three days to get Big Dog steroids via IV and then I will be going on a round of oral steroids afterwards. This will hopefully settle the inflammation that is occurring in my brain and spinal cord giving me my symptoms of headache, blurred vision, body aches, and a MS hug wrapped around my chest. I can only hope that this is just a temp relapse and there hasn't been more permenant damage. My next MRI will show whats going on in there.

It's got me wondering what will be taken from me and when? I had thought I would be Lori who happens to have MS but lately I feel like MS. Once again have been rocked to my inner core wondering if "Can I do this". I truly am scared to death to even comprehend "What else" could my family endure. I know this is really my first experience with the hard core symptoms of MS but I can't help find myself drifting to those questions of WHAT will really be taken away from me with this disease and WHEN. I'm finding out you'll never know till it happens with this women woke up and couldn't see anymore and another had her legs just stopped working one day. Maybe this would be so much easier to deal with if I was older in age or maybe if I didn't have those two blue eyes in the wheelchair looking at me and depending on me for EVERYTHING. I know it won't be an easy road for Avrianna or Dan to watch me on my bad days and to watch the wife and mother their use to deteriorate, but they will go on, they are strong willed. I can only hope that I can go on living with just headaches, body aches, and blurred vision.......don't take ME away, please I'm begging you. I had someone ask me early on when Danny was born what was I truly afraid of.....Danny dieing first or me dieing first. That was a no brainer....ME first, as I knew he would be taken care of as long as I was around. Now I might be around and still not be able to take care of him....this is killing me.
I laid in bed the other night with my head hurting so bad I thought someone was using a screw driver in there. So am I getting the headaches because I can't focus right visa versa or are they just two different symptoms. I can't take a deep breath as I have this MS hug which feels as if I have weights on my chest. Then my body aches so bad there isn't enough Tylenol in the world to give me any relief. I laid there wondering is this MS or is this something else I should really be concerned about, is blaming the MS the right thing to do. I don't know! Am I have an aneurysm? Do I have a brain tumor? Am I having a heart attack? Will I be ok when I wake up in the morning or will I be very different? Will I be here in the morning?
BUT this is just a bad day with a full relapse so my fears and frustrations are at their peak. I WILL fight this with every sense of my being........because I am a mom of two wonderful children that need me! I need to be strong for their sake. I want Avrianna to look back at her mom knowing I was a good mom that tried to fight MS. This poor lil girl has to see and endure so much in her "normal" life, she deals with her brother being different and a mom who is "sick". Where's the justice in this, why does she have deal with this. She is growing up faster then she needs to, and for that I truly am devastated. Will it make her stronger person? Maybe, I can only hope there is some good that can come out of ALL this.
Today is a NEW day and they are working on cure for this disease everyday, I can only hope I will be able to see it in my life time. Until then I am going to work hard at making my life choices better and try to fight this! I am going to do some research on what kind of diet I can do to improve my symptoms. I will continue to take my medicine and treatments when things get bad. I am Lori who just happens to have MS, I will NOT be MS!
I hear all the time ..... I know so n so who has MS but you'd never know it. I hope I can be that MS person that others talk about, but please understand some days it's all a front and I am just hurting inside. I can't be everything, every time, and I will need help not only physically but emotionally. You my dearest friends and family will be my UP. Please pick me up when I've fallen on the ground. Please pick me UP when my emotions have just crashed. I know I can count on you to be my support and sounding board, but PLEASE don't pity me. I will be strong!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Well this latest stresser has put me into a full relapse with my MS, UGH! I can't see well...very blurry and can't focus, my headaches are pretty intense, I've experience my first MS hug (which is very uncomfortable) feels like a tight weight across my chest not allowing me to take in a deep breath. I've called the doctors office and looks as if a round of steriods are in my future today. UGH!!!! I will update more later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

80* stresser

Danny and I drove down to Milwaukee on Thursday to tackle the dreaded follow up appts. It was too be a pretty low key uneventful day for us, BUT once again DANNY has a different idea of uneventful.
Our day started at 4:45am which much to my surprise when my alarm went off that Danny was awake already at that time. Oh well guess I don't have to wake a sleeping baby, right? Everything went well as the drive started; no traffic Danny's watching the TV, I have my coffee, so far life is good......then I get a call from my husband trying to locate a T-shirt that Ms. Avrianna NEEDS to wear to school (or life would just end, don't you know), UGH. As I'm telling him wear to find this shirt, at 7am, my phone beeps in and it's the mother of the friends whose house Avrianna was to go to after school, as I didn't think I was going to be home in time before school let out. Well her daughter was staying home from school as she was sick, so obviously Avrianna wasn't going there. Dan was leaving after she got on the bus in the morning to go cut wood with the guys for the weekend, so I needed to find somewhere for Avrianna just in case I got stuck in traffic cuz I knew it would be close. So my dad was "on call" if I needed him to meet Avrianna when she got off the bus after school, phew! Once the daylight started to peek up in the sky and we got closer to Milwaukee I was not impressed with the amount of traffic that the highway was acquiring, ugh how can anyone want to live and drive in that crap every day. Fortunately we only were at a slow creep for about 2 miles, yea me.
At our first appt which is office the hospital campus at another clinic, the ortho appt, they wanted more xrays on Danny's hip and spine so I asked if they could include the KUB that urology needed later in the day for that appt. But if they couldn't no biggey as we needed to be in radiology anyway for a renal ultrasound in the afternoon. Much to my surprise they were not only able to include the KUB, they had an ultrasound tech there on site and they got it all done right there. Whoo hooo ~ it's going to be a great day! After the xrays were done we went right into a room and talked with the Ortho doctor. First words out of the doctors mouth was....."So where are you at with Danny's back?". Ok I'm very stumped right now as I wasn't planning on a back talk I thought we were going to talk about his hip (which by the way was confirmed a total failure, but we knew that already, UGH). So I come back with "Well were is Danny at with his back?", I thought that to be a better question. STOP RIGHT THERE.......if I could only retract that one simple question. The answer I got caught me off guard and I just wanted to throw up. 2010 was to a very boring year as 2009 ranked right up there with 2004 as being the worse years ever, but I'm thinking 2010 is going to be right up there too, sigh :(
Danny's Spine/trache/puck/hip hardware/and extreme gas filled intestines (yikes~ please don't "unload" here on the table Lil Man)Then I was shown this image......with the statement "grossly curved". Well I guess my Lil Man had a big growth spurt this fall with his back "going" with him. Less then a year ago his was sitting around a 52 degree bend in his back, in July the bend was about 67, and now he's over 80 degrees. This film was taken with Danny laying straight on the table, doesn't look like it on the film does it? His bend is ALL in the lumbar area scrunch'n and push'n things around in his tummy. Only positive here is the bend isn't in the chest area push'n on the heart or lungs. BUT it still needs to be addressed, UGH. We went through Danny's options and the more we talked the more I thought I was going to pass out, I'm just sick about it. We can do nothing and make him "comfortable" as symptoms arise ie: position issues, skin break down, difficulty with cares and pain. We can fuse his back with permanent rods implanted which will be one BIG surgery & recovery taking care of the problem, but his torso will no longer grow (staying smaller isn't the worst and he is already at levels of puberty as a 12 yr old so the growing should slow down?). Look at ALL the hardware he has inside him already (we set off the airport alarms just driving by them, LOL) so how much more do we need to add? None of these decisions are wrong, right, or easy...................this SUCKS! The feeling of helplessness and a failure just consumes you after you get this kind of news. Even though I know I'm a good mom, you can't help feel like the WORST ever. Especially when either way you know your son is going to go through hell! WTF ~ when will the insanity stop? They give your options and send you out on your way to function "normally" for the rest of the day. I was on pause after that appt, but still had two more to go, UGH! All I wanted to do was run far far away and hide with my Lil Man. But forward we went ..... and onto the next appts. We drove to the hospital from the off site clinic without getting lost, yea ME.
The urology appt went relatively well. The ultrasound confirmed that he still has a 1.19cm stone IN his kidney, and with that I mean growing in the tissue of the kidney NOT floating around in there. Really, why does that not surprise me. Danny do something text book, now that was surprise the hell out of me. So the doc just wants to monitor it every 6 months with an ultrasound and as long as it doesn't grow quickly, get infected, or cause Danny discomfort we are going to just leave it alone for now.
From there we went to the rehab dept to get his ITB pump refilled. We were early as after the last two appts I didn't want to do or visit anyone cuz I was just PISSY. Plus I was hoping to get in alil earlier and then be home for Avrianna when she got off the bus from school. So we waited 40 minutes in the waiting room for our appt to come, and then go by. 25 minutes after our scheduled appt we were called back to a room, for us to wait another 40 minutes in the room, before I came out LIVID to complain to the nurse and find out HOW MUCH LONGER! By this time the is no way I'm going to make it home for Avrianna so I called my dad to make sure he could be there, THANKS DAD!!! I swear the doctors think you have no other life when you take on the special needs mom role, I have all the time in the world to wait for them to figure out how a schedule works....believe me a let them know that too. I so can't wait for Danny's normal pump doctor to come back, we miss him so very much! Once I know he is seeing his patients again, I'm so out of the CHOW rehab dept! Danny got his pump refilled and we were so out of there. I did find out that the pump still have 42 months left on the battery life :) and that if we elect to do the spine surgery they will be re anchoring his catheter (this time properly) back up into the base of neck so he can get the effects he is suppose to get from the Interthecal Baclofen with possibly even a lower dose :)
Well that's alot for me to process at one visit, sigh. Oddly enough I was so engrossed in thought I don't remember much of the drive home. Except for when I'm 10 miles from home (trip is 200 round trip) the traffic on the hwy is at a stop. UGH!!!!!!!!!! Avrianna I'm coming, I promise! (mind you she is going through some serious anxiety with us going to CHOW because of this summer, she thinks "they" are going to keep her brother again) Poor thing!! A milk truck was broke down on the side of the road and they brought in another to pump out the milk from the truck to the other......really? It's F'n cold here ~ the milk can't sit in a truck on the side of the road till they move it out of the way?
I got Avrianna and went home to just go numb, well except for the headache that I had. We went to bed and all I hoped for was a better day today. This morning I woke up an emotional wreck! I get so disappointed in myself when I become a bumbling mess, but the tears wouldn't stop falln. After I watched Avrianna fall down on the ice walking to the bus stop by herself, I ran out, in my socks, to pick her up and wipe her tears. The bus pulled up she got on and I just unleashed my emotions. There it's done and out of the way, or off my I'm back and in GO mode trying to find out what's the best decision for Danny. I've asking some questions I forgot to answer yesterday and awaiting the answers. I talked with his nurse and we talked with Dr Kasper in length when we took him in for his weekly labs today (plus 3 vaccines, can you say human pin cushion today). All the labs are not in, but the ones that have come back are "normal" ...... well Danny's normal, heehee. My gut says we'll be doing the fusion with permanent rods sometime in May. I'm not planning this surgery before our scheduled trip to Florida during spring break and it will work better then for his home nurses schedule too. We'll see what the next few days bring.
Thanks to all of you for your kind words, words of wisdom, and with helping pick me up when I was down this morning. I don't know where I would be without you guys!! It's time to sing off and hit the hay. Here's to better day tomorrow!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Avrianna's wall of Ribbons..... I'm so proud of my baby girl! Way to GO Girl! She's only gone to 4 swim meets and look at all of her ribbons :) She has one more meet in Clintonville before the season is over. I think this will be the last meet till Fall, but who knows she might want to do the summer season too.
Here's Danny's ambition level after PT Peter's work out this morning, heehee. Danny did wonderful and tolerated alot more then I thought he would :) He sat upright 90 degrees, laid flat on his tummy, moved his head to the left (elective), and not to mention all the stretching. I guess he's entitled to a nap. WAY TO GO, Lil Man..... shhhhhhhhhhh :)My lil chatter box! My biggest fear of having the trache done this summer was that I would no longer be able to hear that beautiful voice Danny has. Well he LOVES to prove his mother wrong.....listen to this music to your hears. I LOVE this boy so MUCH!!!!!!

Danny and I have another trip down to Milwaukee this week. A fun filled day of appts.....Ortho, Urology, and rehab to have his pump refill. I see the weather is suppose to cooperate for the drive down, whooohooo.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing around

Foxy is a new friend that has found our yard to be it's play area. I've seen him the last two days walking in our backyard. Well this morning I found Bailey chasing it, UGH! Now I'm concerned that these two are really going to tango or that Foxy will be around when Avrianna walks home from the bus.Amazing how fast your thinking can turn to a thought of beauty n awe to fear.
Here's Danny playing around with his newest PT. It's so cool that PT Peter is working once again with Peter was the first PT ever to work with Danny in the NICU when he was first born. Once again I'm amazed with my Lil Rock Star! He's holding his head with awesome control, interacting with us, and sitting/standing like NEVER before. Danny looks SO BIG, when did my Lil Man grow up? Where did the time go?
I just LOVE looking at this picture!Danny's facial expressions say it ALL. ..... you want me to do what?Danny is playing his tricks that he's got up his sleeves once again. Since Monday nite he has been bleeding from his trache (Tuesday he was alot) so Aleana (RN) and I took him to CHOW to have him assessed. This was the first time he was back to this hospital since his summer "camp" and he was NOT impressed when we got in the front door. He got very upset, turned red, and became super duper spastic. He knew exactly where he was and didn't like it :(. I tried to reassure him we weren't staying but NO GO so I had to give him something to calm him down or his would have worked himself into a serious tizzy that could have made us stay, I was NOT having that! But after his meds he calmed down and he really had a great appt. Here Danny is chilln out listen to his iPod waiting for the doctor to come in and scope his trachea.
The low down on today was......Xrays showed nothing exciting :), the aspirate cultures grew out only spit but they still did a new culture in the clinic just to be sure :), the docs down in CHOW are now not so excited about the bleeding once they saw how awesome lil man looks :), they were able to get an ENT to come in and do a scope down the trachea to see if they could find any issues :)
Issues with bleeding could be due to (best to worst) ~ pneumonia which we ruled out, granulanoma (scar tissue) due to suctioning or rubbing of the plastic, or from a blood vessel. Of course with the scope they found Danny's issue to be ............ a Blood vessel, BUT it really isn't too bad as it was small and the irritation is located in the opening of the trachea so they were able to easily cauterize it. Hopefully that will take care of it. The theory is it's because of his sensitivity to foreign matter (plastic of the Trache) and the skin broke down. The ENT doc said that Danny's lower trachea area looked awesome especially with how sick he has been. Next visit with the Trache team will be in 3 months :)
Other then the bleeding issue Danny has been doing WONDERFUL! He had a GI appt here in the FV clinic and we got good reports there :) Next specialist appts will be next week,Thursday, back in CHOW to see the Ortho to address Danny's pain, hip, and kyphoscoliosis ~ Urology to address Danny's kidney & Bladder issues ~ and Danny is going to have his Baclofen pump refilled with the Rehab doc.
Tomorrow is another bright n early day as Avrianna and I will be leaving the house around 6am for a swim meet in Green Bay. She is due in the water by 7am and she is entered in 6 races so we'll see what her energy is like in the afternoon, LOL. We are driving with another mom and Wave swimmer so it should be a nice trip. Go Avrianna!

Monday, January 11, 2010

We DID it!

With MUCH reservation and nerves the whole family went on our first "vacation" since Danny's trache surgery. We spent the weekend in Wausau to cheer on Avrianna at her swim meet. I wasn't sure I was going to even get to go there, as Friday morning Danny wasn't being himself and was in some obvious pain, but obviously I couldn't find it (which is happening more n more, sigh). I have an email into the doctors about that! But after medication and some time Danny relaxed and we went (packing everything including the sink, heehee). I thought we had alot to bring before but that was nothing compared to what we need now....the full size van was PACKED! Unfortunately whether we stay one night or 5 I need to bring EVERYTHING. Thankfully the nurse was there Friday to help me make sure I had everything. Our "vacation" went OK, by Saturday at 1am I was ready to go home already. Danny decided he needed to be up, he was acting like he was having reflux and then started to tremor with discomfort. He and I finally fell back asleep around 6:15 to be woken up at 7:30 to get ready to go watch Avrianna swim, UGH! Then when we were getting him ready he decided to have a repeat of this episodes of pain and needed to have additional meds :(. He did calm down before we left for the meet and was a prince the rest of the day. With the cold temps and the van being parked outside the lift didn't work properly all day so I'm VERY THANKFUL Dan came with us or I wouldn't have even been able to get out of the hotel parking lot in the morning to get Avrianna to the meet,UGH! Saturday night was more "boring" and we got to sleep in more.
Here's my lil swimmer at the swim meet in Wausua.....she rocked the pool once again :) Avrianna got 4 out of 6 ribbons.... she placed 10th in the 25 back & 50 free, 7th in her first ever IM relay, and 8th in the 25 free. She DQ'd on her 25 butterfly (but the coach and I are not sure why) and on one of her backstrokes (if she wouldn't have gotten DQ'd she would have placed 9 & 6th for those)
Coach CurtAvrianna's BIGGEST fan club!
Now don't they look like trouble, heehee. Unfortunately the seating in this school is upstairs and they don't have an elevator, BUT we were able to sit in the corner of the pool entrance so WE got a front row seat, :)My two fish!
This next weekend I will be taking Avrianna to Green Bay for another meet but just on Saturday. She needs to be in the water at 7am (wow, they obviously don't know I'm not a morning person) so we'll have to leave the house around 5:30. She is entered in 6 races for that day so she is going to be on tired lil girl when she is finished :)
While we were in Wausau we got a chance to meet a wonderful women, Annie and her son, Zak. She found us actually by going through our house this summer in the parade to get some ideas for her two children that have special needs, and I've been chatting with her ever since. I'm so glad we finally got a chance to meet in person. Annie is a remarkable women and Zak was an inspiration, not to mention alil sweetheart. I can't wait to meet the rest of the family, I think we could do some damage putting our idea together, heehee. To follow their story click HERE
This week is pretty busy for us. Today we had the vision teacher stop by to see Danny and Avrianna has piano tonight. Tomorrow we are seeing Danny's GI doctor here in Fox Valley in the morning, I'm really interested in seeing what he has to say with Lil Man, then PT in the afternoon...... Avrianna has swim tomorrow night. Wednesday afternoon Avrianna has a dentist appt to get her teeth cleaned, which is normally a chore as she's not a fan of the dentist. Thursday Danny is going to have a private PT coming in to the home and assess him then we can get him on the books to come work regularly with lil man. Then Avrianna has swim at night. Friday Avrianna gets out of school early, swim in the evening and Danny has therapy in the afternoon. WOW ~ and the next week isn't looking too boring either, lol. I guess it keeps us out of trouble being so busy.
Dannys labs from Friday still show his liver function going in the wrong direction so we once again tweeked some of med dosing and we'll repeat labs again some time this week. Of course Danny needs to keep it exciting and added to the ever growing list....... his blood sugars decided to drop, not sure why but again we'll recheck it this week. It's never a dull moment!!
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Upward strides

Just hanging around......Avrianna thinks it's cool to travel through the house on Danny's liftHey....what are you doing?!?We decided to have a SPA day here the other day........Yeah even Danny got to enjoy it and be pampered! Oh tis the lift :)
Today marks the 1st complete week Danny has been OFF OF OXYGEN 24/7. I'm so excited! He's ALWAYS needed alil help at night since the first illness the beginning of October so this is WONDERFUL :)
Tuesday, yesterday, we had PT Dan come to the house and "work" on Danny. My boy shined :) He held his head up high the whole time he was suppose to and even was able to look side to side then bringing his head back to midline. PT Dan also put Danny on each side and Danny rolled on his own from BOTH sides to his back. WAY TO GO, Lil Man! With Danny back to his base line I have started back up therapies, starting next week. Cross your fingers we make it longer then a week without him getting sick again. I'm also looking into getting some private physical therapy for Danny, one that has more of the medical twist to it. I believe Danny will benefit from more PT.
Danny has to go back into see Dr Kasper on Friday for more labs.....his liver functions were still off from last weeks so we are going to redo them, see what comes from these labs and possibly adjust some of his meds AGAIN. Next week we see Danny GI doctor here in the Valley and I'm really excited to FINALLY show him a WELL BOY :) I hope we get good reviews from GI this time around.
Avrianna has another swim meet, this time in Wausau this weekend and we are making it our first FAMILY function since Danny has been trached. Well see how Danny does cheering on his Big Sis!
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